Z is for Zipper

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

 Which is all that is left of one costume.  Well, the zipper and the hem.  Two of my least favorite things to do, though while I get better at zippers I seem to fail in improving my hemming.  So, one nearly down and three more to go.  I seem to forget that with four kids to sew costumes for I need to get started EARLY.  So here I am, a week and a half away from Halloween and I still have three costumes to go.  At least they are cut out though.  I spent so much time sewing yesterday that by the time I put stuff away in the evening my psyatic nerve was acting up so bad I had to use Paul as a cane in order to walk to the bedroom.  Sad.  I am hoping to complete at least two more costumes today, as the one I did yesterday was the hardest of the batch. 

Z is for ZZZZzzzzz

Which is what I will be doing once these costumes are finished, before then – not much. 🙂

Lastly, Z is for Zoo

I live in one after all. I decided that if all of my kids were animals this is what they would be: 

Elizabeth would be a horse – gentle, loving, enjoys a good frolic, loves to lay in the sunshine, and when they get mad, boy can they pitch a fit – and pitch you! 🙂

Dorothy would be a cougar – they know how to sneak up on their pray, can be fast when they need to be, but most of the time can lay around in the sun.

Emily would be a dolphin – enjoys playing as much as possible, has a generally cheerful nature.

Jacob would be a monkey – swinging from limb to limb looking for what he can get into next. His curiosity always getting the better of him.

So you see, I live in my own little zoo that keep my life hopping and exciting.

Woohoo!!! I finished!!!


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3 responses to “Z is for Zipper

  1. How great for you to make the kids’ costumes. I don’t even try. The crafty/sewing gene missed me in my family. I go the easy (but often more expensive 😦 ) route and buy my kids’ costumes. I wish I could make them though! Seems very fitting that Jacob is a monkey 🙂 , lol.

  2. Deb

    You are so darned creative!

  3. I’m too useless to sew costumes. I just threw some leaves in my kids hair, used some makeup and told them they were a corpse. This year I’ll do pretty much the same.

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