Pregnancy Ramble

I’ve officially hit waddle stage, crazy sciatic nerve stage, and oh my aching back stage.  The benefit to expecting a baby in January is that you are pregnant during the busiest time of year and don’t exactly notice just how pregnant you are getting.  The draw to this is that once you do realize it you have overdone it and need to use your husband for a cane just to get back into the bedroom.  Not to mention the fact you don’t have the energy you need to make through the holidays.  You know, I figured it out that after baby number 5 is born I will have spent 3 years and 4 months pregnant in my life – no wonder I can’t remember anything this time around, I’ve lost nearly 3 years and 4 months worth of brain cells! I’m doomed….. 😉  heh.

I never realized that hours bending of a sewing machine could cause such flare-up in sciatic nerves and aching backs, but the other night I could hardly walk.  Paul, the dear man that he is, promptly searched through the house and found me one of the canes hidden around – (passed down from grandma and used on various occasions as shepherd staves, etc.)  Uhhh….thanks. 🙂

Yesterday was a big day, I ran errands, waddled a half a mile or so (which is usually a breeze for me, but wasn’t – my back was complaining half way into my waddle), had lunch, did some sewing, took Em and Jacob in for flu shots (they have this really cool flu mist now that can be sniffed up the nose and they do it ages 2+ – used to only be 5+ until this year – so the flu shots were pleasant and painless – no screaming and crying kids.  WOOHOO!), ran some more errands, sewed some more.  Then, while I was sewing and the kids were playing outside – the first sunny day in weeks, there was this strange popping and crackling sound.  I looked frantically around trying to see where it was coming from.  I looked up and saw smoke pouring out of a light fixture in the ceiling.

With a gasp I dashed to the wall and shut the light off.  Then I did what every self respecting pregnant lady would do and called my husband.  The whole house smelled like burnt wires, and I was worried that there could be a loose wire somewhere starting a fire where I couldn’t see it.  He had me patting down the ceiling to see if it was hot, looking out side for smoke, and pulling open the attic entrance to look for smoke, etc.  I called our electrician friend – and had to leave him a message.  Then I ran a couple doors down the street to our fire-fighter neighbor, but he wasn’t home.  Then I shut off the breaker in case there were still live wires that might be connecting and causing problems somewhere I couldn’t see.  Paul, dear man, got off early and came home to check out the problem.  It was a lightbulb gone bad and funky.  Nothing else, and thankfully, no fire. 

After all that excitement I continued to sew, then we all went to the store (the cheap place to  get pumpkins, though we always take the kids to the pumpkin patch, we get the pumpkins at the cheap place) and picked out six pumpkins.  By the time we were done and home and kids were in bed it was 8:30 and the kitchen was out of control (for some reason when mom is sewing like mad, nothing else in the house gets done). So, of course, I did the dishes, hobbling about the kitchen with my back in fits of pain, and my tummy aching from being an interior punching bag and stretched beyond any possible limits.  Paul growled at me, but I needed to get it done, and he needed to study, so I let him growl and completed the task at hand.  Of course you have that emotional pregnancy moment of “I hurt and I’m in pain, and you are so sweet and trying to be nice, but you can’t and I have to do it anyway…Waaaaaaaaa” – I felt like an I Love Lucy re-run. (Of course after that I collapsed in my chair and vegged the rest of the evening.  I attempted, once, to begin sewing again – I laughed at myself and went to bed.)

All is well once again this morning and I am ready to put in a day of sewing (I’m nearly done!) and attend a prenatal.  But I am sure, by the end of the day I’ll be hobbling about the place as yesterday.  But then, that is the nice thing about pregnancy, at least I know that it will all go away once the pregnancy is over (including my sanity – heh – that’s been gone for at least 8 years now 😉 ). Now, old age… that will be an entirely different ball game. 🙂


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6 responses to “Pregnancy Ramble

  1. What a day!
    I hope today is completely uneventful. No searing pain, no burning smells, no mountains of dishes, and no seam ripping.


    Well…I have had no burning smells at least! 😀

  2. Wow, what a busy day. The whole electrical thing must have been really scary. I hope you have a more restful day today.

  3. Put your feet up! I would have died if I would have done all that while I was preggy. I was the laziest pregnant woman alive…of course, bedrest will do that.

  4. Wow! That’s way too much excitement even if you weren’t pregnant! Especially the funky light bulb. I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious! Good luck finishing up all the costumes!

  5. Girl you need to take it easy!!!! It is no fun being pregnant during the holiday season. When I was pregnant with Evan I did all the shopping in the summer before I got huge.

    That is one thing I can proudly proclaim that is basically finished – my Christmas shopping is DONE!!! Now, if only I had had the fore-thought to do the costumes over the summer…. 🙂

  6. mcinsane

    UG! Sounds…familiar! Of course, I don’t have 4 others running around me, at least not yet. Take it easy! You deserve it!

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