A couple of Quick funny (and extrememly cute) kid things

Emily to Elizabeth:

 “Elizabeth, you will be the first mommy to have babies.”

So, the question I have is, what have the rest of us had??? 🙂 heh


Jacob found a flashlight. Within a couple of seconds he discovered how to turn it on.  “Light!” he exclaimed as he looked into the end of the flashlight. Then he pointed the light up. He looked up and began hopping up and down in excitement to see the light on the ceiling. As he looked and jumped he moved, and gradually began turning in circles, all the while trying to follow the light on the ceiling and pointing with his other hand.

“Look mom! Look mom! Light!”

After a minute he got dizzy and began stumbling around.  His hand with he flashlight lowered and he got confused.  Stumbling around the room, dizzy from turning in circles, look for where the light went. Then he would spot it on the wall and get excited all over again, and without thinking would aim the flashlight up again.  Another search ensued, followed by more spinning frenzy and excited exclamations of, “Look mom! Look Mom!”

 I sat quietly and giggled – it was better than watching a puppy chase a laser light on the floor.  Since then He has figured out that the light shines where you point it, but that hasn’t doused his excitement at all.  If I ever need a laugh, I just hand Jacob a flashlight and watch him for a while.  Before long I will be rolling in laughter.


Teaching Jacob to say the names of his sisters:

Mom and Dad: Say Emily

Jacob: Em-olly

Mom and Dad: Say Dorothy – Dor-o-thy

Jacob: Orfy

Mom and Dad: Say Elizabeth – E-liz-a-beth

Jacob: Ister – we have yet to decide if he is giving up on the long name and going with “Sister” or if he is attempting the cherished nickname of “Lizard”  Either way it is hilarious and adorably cute.


After we have family prayer in the evening our nightly routine is to share hugs and kisses all around.  The kids have started kissing my tummy and saying night night to Junior.  Jacob came up to me the other day and pointed to my tummy.


“Yes, Mommy has a baby in her tummy.”

He waves to my tummy, “Hi baby!”  Then leans over and kisses it.  This has now become a ritual that takes place numerous times a day.  I wonder how surprised he will be when the baby is on the outside… 

 I am also waiting for one of the kids to ask if the baby got in my tummy because I ate it… I wouldn’t put it past them at some point. 🙂


Every once in a while I let Jacob watch Sesame Street if I have things I need to get done in the morning. This morning was one of those mornings as I worked on laundry and what not.  Over the music introducing Elmo’s World at the end I hear this, “Yay! Woohoo!” followed by happy clapping and a cheery “Hi orfy” as Elmo says to say hello to his fish Dorothy.  I can’t exactly explain why, but the “Yay! Woohoo!” just sent me into fits of giggles.


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4 responses to “A couple of Quick funny (and extrememly cute) kid things

  1. mcinsane

    Too cute! That is great that you had the forethought to actually write down the cute things your kids say and do. I always think, I need to write that down, but I never seem to get it done. Now I only remember that my kids are cute at times, but I can’t remember why! 😀 Oh well!

    Keep up the good work. Maybe some of your skills will rub off on the rest of us!

    I’ll tell you my secret – I have a document on my lap top that is titled: Things to write about and I make a list of the funny things as close to when they happen as possible – I also have notebook in my purse for the same reason. That way I am welcome to forget, but when I need something to write about or think, Didn’t so and so do something adorable…? I can look in my notebook or in the file and see if anything is listed. It’s not perfect, I still forget to jot a quick thought down, but it helps to not think I have to write and entire post or journal entry when I don’t have time, etc. This way I can read the reminder and write about the whole story when I have the time.

  2. Flashlights are the funnest thing ever! We went out an bought flashlights for each of the boys so they would not fight over them. We also invested in rechargeable batteries so that we are not running out all the time.

    The reason I started my Sunday cuteness series on my blog was so that I would be better at writing down the funny and cute stories. I am usually able to come up with at least one thing every week.

  3. All of these made me giggle too. 🙂

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