Daily Archives: November 8, 2007


Yes, we are having a problem with an extremely intelligent R.O.U.S. (for those of you who are not Princess Bride fans that stands for Rodents Of Unusual Size).  One might call this little critter a mouse because of it’s fondness for cheese.  What makes this particular mouse an R.O.U.S, and an intelligent one at that?

Well, this particular R.O.U.S. must have a powerful nose, for he does not sniff out crumbs on the floor but heads straight for the fridge, and has become quite adept at opening it.  That was my first sign that I was dealing with an R.O.U.S. and not just a silly little mouse.  I figure it’s got be quite the critter to be able to open the fridge.

Then there was the cheese. I opened the cheese drawer in the fridge yesterday, I was going to make some grilled cheese sandwhiches, and what I saw struck fear into my heart.  Not only could the R.O.U.S. open the fridge, but the cheese drawer as well. And the bites in the bricks of cheese! It definitely wasn’t an ordinary mouse.  I would say that the bites were roughly the same size as a certain 2-year-old boy.  The poor cheese had been nibbled on all size and as I sliced cheese for sandwhiches (I figured that cooking the cheese would cook out all the R.O.U.S. germs 😉  )  each slice looked like someone – or something – had taken a nice little bite out of two sides.


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