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I love Butterfingers – but not quite like this: (though I definitely do love this particular butterfinger, no matter how much trouble he gets in… ahh, those glorious twos. He must take after his father, because we all know what a perfect angel I was as a kid….um really, I was… stop snickering!) 😀

Butterfingers 2

I had gone back to use the restroom – I wasn’t gone for long, but apparantly it was long enough for him to unwrap three sticks of butter. He even got a measuring cup to put two of them in – not to mention a butter knife. While I knew he was going to get a good scolding, I couldn’t resist sneaking a couple of photos while he wasn’t looking…

Butterfingers 3

Then just as I snapped the last photo he looked up – I don’t know about you, but that face to me is a definite “Uh, Hi Mom, I can explain everything,” face.

Butterfingers 1

Oh, and if you are wondering, we do have a gate across the kitchen entrance. A tall dog gate – it doesn’t even phase him, he can be over that thing in two seconds flat. *sigh*


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Sick, Sick, Sick

Which is the reason the posts have been few and far between – well some of the reasons anyway.

Jacob started us off – he’s had a nasty cough for about 5 weeks now – we talking cough until you gag. One morning a week or two ago he was coughing so hard he was throwing up the poor little kid.  While his cough seems to finally be improving, it still drives me nuts to hear him.  I guess I still get a bit anxious where he is concerned. The good point to all this is that he has had no fever or wheezing – thank goodness for that.

Jacob was kind enough to share with me, and now I know how miserable he has been.  I’ve been coughing so hard and much my ribs hurt. Paul was so sweet last week and took a day off work so he could be around to take care of the kids and let me sleep – I was so drained of energy.  Being pregnant and sick just isn’t a good combination.  I’m feeling better now, though the cough is still plaguing me.

Dorothy picked up the cough and cold next, Dad souns like he is getting it, and Emily woke up coughing this morning.  Elizabeth has been spared so far from the cold, but not other things.

 Tuesday she had a huge dental appointment that involved sedation – her back teeth formed poorly,leaving deep crevices where cavities developped no matter how much she brushed. She did great and we got all the major cavities taken care of.  She didn’t get to eat all day though. Finally around 3:00 we got home and she was able to eat some lunch, and then some dinner. Wednesday morning she woke up, sick with a tummy bug.  We confirmed the tummy bug when later in the day she threw-up again, at least she had the presence of mind to run into the kitchen and grab a bowl. Sweet girl.  I felt so bad for her, not being able to eat a majority of Wednesday as well. She toughed it out and is back to normal now.  I just hope the rest of us don’t get it…  The saddest part for her aside from starving was missing school, she was absolutely distrought that she had missed 3 days this week.

So, that is what has been going on around here that has me preoccupied.  It’s been quite the week.  Hopefully the weekend will be a nice dull and boring one. But somehow, with my crazy and fun family doubt it. 🙂  Oh, and that is the reason I mentioned a couple posts back as to why there was a day or two where I didn’t write anything. I was either at the dentist all day, or taking care of a batch of sickos (including myself).  😉


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