I love Butterfingers – but not quite like this: (though I definitely do love this particular butterfinger, no matter how much trouble he gets in… ahh, those glorious twos. He must take after his father, because we all know what a perfect angel I was as a kid….um really, I was… stop snickering!) 😀

Butterfingers 2

I had gone back to use the restroom – I wasn’t gone for long, but apparantly it was long enough for him to unwrap three sticks of butter. He even got a measuring cup to put two of them in – not to mention a butter knife. While I knew he was going to get a good scolding, I couldn’t resist sneaking a couple of photos while he wasn’t looking…

Butterfingers 3

Then just as I snapped the last photo he looked up – I don’t know about you, but that face to me is a definite “Uh, Hi Mom, I can explain everything,” face.

Butterfingers 1

Oh, and if you are wondering, we do have a gate across the kitchen entrance. A tall dog gate – it doesn’t even phase him, he can be over that thing in two seconds flat. *sigh*


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8 responses to “Butterfingers

  1. That is the best guilty look I have seen in awhile.

  2. Boy, I sneak into the kitchen all the time for something forbidden, but it’s never a stick of butter!

    Bring him on over here, I’ll teach him a thing or two about the finer things in life. 😉

    I know – My first reaction was “ewwww” butter? There are so many more yummy things I can think of floating around our kitchen.

  3. Deb

    Hehe. I feel your pain. My youngest does exactly the same kind of thing. I hope all of you are feeling better. Robert passed the same kind of cough around our family.

  4. Jacob is a cute kid. I am glad he’s feeling so good. It’s a miracle isn’t it?
    Thanks for your friendly comment on my site. It’s also nice for me to find fellow lds bloggers, especially when we have additional things that bind us together.
    You may certainly add a link. I will pop in on your page too now and then.
    Just two question: Do you say heart kid in the US? In Sweden, Johannes is our heart child. Are you from outside the US?
    Best regards,

  5. That’s just his way of softening up the butter for cooking. Beats beating it!

  6. Loved this post–and the memories of one of mine who would get into the butter every chance he got. I agree. Sigh! But the pictures are great! Hmmm, can I photo shop my son’s face in for scrapbooking? Nope, that would be cheating. Who else would get such adorable pic’s? Not I.

    Beautiful new look. I’ve been so Pageant busy, I haven’t even looked at the blogs for awhile! Needed a break today. 🙂

  7. Ewwww, butter. But I also remember as a kid not thinking it was so gross. I have no idea why.

    Jacob’s guilty look is the BEST! It’s such an “Oops! I just got caught! How can I get out of this?” look. I love it.

    Dallin’s choice of sneaking food has been chocolate chips. He pushes a chair up to the fridge, opens the freezer, and digs through everything until he finds the bag. Chocolatey goodness everywhere!!

  8. We buy our margarine in a tub and we have to hide it behind the milk or we’ll find fingerprints in it!!! When I get it out for cooking the kids come and start pestering me for “just a taste!” and then when I turn my back Jaedin will dig his hand in, grab a handful and RUN with Jenacy right behind him. It’s funny and annoying all at once! When I get the tub of butter out and put it on the dinner table (for mashed potatoes or something) the kids ask for it as if it’s the main course at dinner! BLECH! Crazy kids!

    I love Jacobs guilty look!

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