A Trip to the Pet Store

Jacob and I ran our errands this morning, went to the post office, got gas, and other odds and ends. When everything was done there was only half an hour before time to pick Emily up from Kindergarten.  Not enough time to go home, but not enough time to do any of the bigger errands such as a grocery store run.  Then I realized I was only a block away from our local pet store.  It is a really neat pet store with all sorts of different kinds of animals and kids and patrons are invited to pet and touch the animals.  So, Jacob and I made a visit to the pet store.

He was enthralled with the bunnies and enjoyed petting them, and then there were the huge tortoises roaming a corner of the store that he thought were really cool.  Though he did hide behind my leg when one of the tortoises started moving towards him.  He hopped up and down at the sight of the fish, oohed at the lizards, and giggled at the birds.  He was entranced as he watched ferrets run around their glass cage.  And there was a cat that promptly got him meowing.  This pet store doesn’t typically have dogs and cats, but will have and sell them from time to time, especially for owners who are looking for a new home.

Today they happened to have an adorable Samoyed puppy.  He was roaming the store greeting the guests and chewing on his rawhide bone.  It didn’t take long for this little guy and Jacob to make friends.  Jacob would see the puppy and go wild with excitement, calming down to pet her gently.  The playful puppy would lick his hand and nip at his shoes sending Jacob into delighted giggles.  It didn’t take long before this adorable little dog was following us – or should I say Jacob – all over the store.

Jacob blew kisses to the dog and waved bye-bye when it was time to go.  The staff was haulingin a shipment of various petfood bags, so the door was open as we left.  We walked out the door and were almost past the big glass display windows when I felt a movement behind me. I turned and saw a gal that worked there bend to scoop up the dog in her arms.  I apologized to the little puppy, “I’m sorry, we can’t take you home today.”  But I thought it was so cute how the puppy tried to follow us home, she and Jacob sure made friends.

Aside from the fact that Samoyed are rather high maitenance dogs – and I am definitely NOT up for a high maitenance puppy, she was a whopping $529 – WAY out of our budget.  Right now, anything above free is would be considered out of our budget, heh. 

It sure was fun watching Jacob and the Samoyed play though.


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4 responses to “A Trip to the Pet Store

  1. I love going to the pet store. Last time we were in, they had a lot of kittens. We were admiring them in their cages, and watching their antics. The attendant asked if we wanted to hold them and we knew enough to say, “No thanks!” — one cat is definitely enough.

  2. oh, how sweet! I can’t believe that you didn’t buy him the puppy… a mere $529??? Pocket change! That is if you had a gold mine in your pocket! hehe… Sounds like Jacob had a great time though.

    By the way, I gave you an award on my blog. 🙂

  3. Ah, I remember those days, when we would go downtown when I was a child, and we always scheduled a stop at the pet store. It was a much smaller place than you describe, but it was a place of wonders–until the Mina bird bit my nose! After that, I prefered to look through the windows for awhile, but the enchantment that was the pet store derw me back in.

  4. Awwwwhhhh…. that is so sweet. What is up with these designer dogs – please no one get offended…. Evan despartely wants a dog for Christmas – when you ask what he wants he says “Santa is bringing me a puppy” we have told him over and over that Santa might not bring him a puppy. We are in the process of selling our home and moving to a new one so we keep saying that until we move we can’t get a puppy. The real reason is that I have always been seriously allergic to animals and have never owned one of my own. I’ve looked into so called “hypoallergenic” dogs – especially fell in love with Goldendoodles, pretty much lots of oodles at the end of the name… why are these dogs $500 and up??? This is long but, I can imagine me having to explain my “little” purchase – Evan and I will steer clear of the pet shops.

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