My Head is Rolling with Ideas, so What’s the Problem?

I have a flood of ideas that I haven’t even worked into my book yet. I am seeing it go places and take turns that I had never expected. I know my writing is horrible – come on, who rights a GOOD first draft? 🙂 – and that doesn’t bother me because I can fix it later.  I love writing and once I am typing away at my computer I can hardly type fast enough to keep up with the flood in my brain.

So, what is the problem? Why am I finding myself falling behind on my goals for word count and such?

I think it is a matter of time and motivation.  I suppose it isn’t so much that I lack the motivation to write – I just lack the time to not feel guilty about wanting to write.  When the kids are squirreled away in quiet time or bed time, laundry piles up, dishes need doing, sewing and other projects need to be accomplished, or sometimes I just want to be a vegetable and do nothing because the kids are finally quiet and in bed.  There are so many things that NEED to be done that I have a hard time taking the little time I have to do them to sit and write….and write…. and write….

and there are the days when I dont want to write and the ideas gnaw at my brain and my nap is flooded with my characters and their escapades and then I feel bad for not writing.

Then there is that feeling when you get behind – do you say there is no way you can catch up and give up the fight?  I’m not a quitter.  Do you shrug your shoulders and say let bygones be bygones, start fresh with a new daily word count goal to me the final goal, or do you go completely crazy trying to ‘catch’ up.  I tend to go crazy, where I think I should just start fresh.  Hmmmmm….  maybe I should remember that, or just be sure to meet my goal each day whether or not I feel like it.

 One thing I have discovered – writing 2000 words a day is a simple thing IF you do it.


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4 responses to “My Head is Rolling with Ideas, so What’s the Problem?

  1. Just go ahead and don’t look back. It’s like other goals (say, weight loss). If you fall off the wagon, don’t give up completely. Just get back on and keep going.

  2. zoo

    digital recorder. if you lose the motivation to write but the ideas are still flowing, it might help to say them aloud and come back to them when the writing bug strikes. recording the thoughts will be a Godsend!

    like Karen says, hope back on that horse. well, Karen didn’t say THAT, but you know…

    (wanted to swing by and wish you a happy thanksgiving. hope it’s a good one.)

    That digital recorder idea is a great one – I’ll have to remember that. 🙂 Still on the horse, but I’m afraid I’m at a slow trot… 🙂

  3. Good luck getting the book written! I get that way with my journal. I try to write every night..but then there are times where a whole week has flown by and I realize I haven’t written. Sometimes you just have to start fresh. I think the digital recorder idea is great!

  4. 2000 words a day would be ideal if you didn’t have 4 kids PLUS one on the way! You’ve got to give yourself a break! You’re a mother and you have TONS of things to do anyway. Goals are goals.. they’re for you to reach for.. if you don’t make them, so what.. at least you tried! If you accomplished them everyday it wouldn’t be a goal. Just think.. the 2000 words a day isn’t a REQUIREMENT.. it’s a GOAL! Just take it one sentence at a time. Maybe you should carry a notepad around with you so when you DO think of the new ideas you can quickly jot them down so you can reffer to the later. Then once they are out of your head.. you can lay down and take that nap that you we’re trying to take.

    Good luck and I can’t wait to hear more about your progress!

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