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I love Butterfingers – but not quite like this: (though I definitely do love this particular butterfinger, no matter how much trouble he gets in… ahh, those glorious twos. He must take after his father, because we all know what a perfect angel I was as a kid….um really, I was… stop snickering!) 😀

Butterfingers 2

I had gone back to use the restroom – I wasn’t gone for long, but apparantly it was long enough for him to unwrap three sticks of butter. He even got a measuring cup to put two of them in – not to mention a butter knife. While I knew he was going to get a good scolding, I couldn’t resist sneaking a couple of photos while he wasn’t looking…

Butterfingers 3

Then just as I snapped the last photo he looked up – I don’t know about you, but that face to me is a definite “Uh, Hi Mom, I can explain everything,” face.

Butterfingers 1

Oh, and if you are wondering, we do have a gate across the kitchen entrance. A tall dog gate – it doesn’t even phase him, he can be over that thing in two seconds flat. *sigh*


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Sick, Sick, Sick

Which is the reason the posts have been few and far between – well some of the reasons anyway.

Jacob started us off – he’s had a nasty cough for about 5 weeks now – we talking cough until you gag. One morning a week or two ago he was coughing so hard he was throwing up the poor little kid.  While his cough seems to finally be improving, it still drives me nuts to hear him.  I guess I still get a bit anxious where he is concerned. The good point to all this is that he has had no fever or wheezing – thank goodness for that.

Jacob was kind enough to share with me, and now I know how miserable he has been.  I’ve been coughing so hard and much my ribs hurt. Paul was so sweet last week and took a day off work so he could be around to take care of the kids and let me sleep – I was so drained of energy.  Being pregnant and sick just isn’t a good combination.  I’m feeling better now, though the cough is still plaguing me.

Dorothy picked up the cough and cold next, Dad souns like he is getting it, and Emily woke up coughing this morning.  Elizabeth has been spared so far from the cold, but not other things.

 Tuesday she had a huge dental appointment that involved sedation – her back teeth formed poorly,leaving deep crevices where cavities developped no matter how much she brushed. She did great and we got all the major cavities taken care of.  She didn’t get to eat all day though. Finally around 3:00 we got home and she was able to eat some lunch, and then some dinner. Wednesday morning she woke up, sick with a tummy bug.  We confirmed the tummy bug when later in the day she threw-up again, at least she had the presence of mind to run into the kitchen and grab a bowl. Sweet girl.  I felt so bad for her, not being able to eat a majority of Wednesday as well. She toughed it out and is back to normal now.  I just hope the rest of us don’t get it…  The saddest part for her aside from starving was missing school, she was absolutely distrought that she had missed 3 days this week.

So, that is what has been going on around here that has me preoccupied.  It’s been quite the week.  Hopefully the weekend will be a nice dull and boring one. But somehow, with my crazy and fun family doubt it. 🙂  Oh, and that is the reason I mentioned a couple posts back as to why there was a day or two where I didn’t write anything. I was either at the dentist all day, or taking care of a batch of sickos (including myself).  😉


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Yes, we are having a problem with an extremely intelligent R.O.U.S. (for those of you who are not Princess Bride fans that stands for Rodents Of Unusual Size).  One might call this little critter a mouse because of it’s fondness for cheese.  What makes this particular mouse an R.O.U.S, and an intelligent one at that?

Well, this particular R.O.U.S. must have a powerful nose, for he does not sniff out crumbs on the floor but heads straight for the fridge, and has become quite adept at opening it.  That was my first sign that I was dealing with an R.O.U.S. and not just a silly little mouse.  I figure it’s got be quite the critter to be able to open the fridge.

Then there was the cheese. I opened the cheese drawer in the fridge yesterday, I was going to make some grilled cheese sandwhiches, and what I saw struck fear into my heart.  Not only could the R.O.U.S. open the fridge, but the cheese drawer as well. And the bites in the bricks of cheese! It definitely wasn’t an ordinary mouse.  I would say that the bites were roughly the same size as a certain 2-year-old boy.  The poor cheese had been nibbled on all size and as I sliced cheese for sandwhiches (I figured that cooking the cheese would cook out all the R.O.U.S. germs 😉  )  each slice looked like someone – or something – had taken a nice little bite out of two sides.


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NaNoWriMo Update

My Daily word count – because hopefully it will keep me motivated to keep going. 🙂 I am just a bit behind what I would like to be at day 7 in the crazy month of writing. I am at 12,914 words (30 something pages) which is more than I think I have every written, as I have usually stuck to short scenes and stories. So far it has been rather exciting to see how fast the ideas start to flow when I start writing. It is hard to stop sometimes.  Technically I would like to be at a minimum of 14,000 words today, I was hoping for 2,000 words a day. But yesterday I didn’t write at all – I’ll tell why tomorrow.  So, I have just a bit of catching up to do. 🙂


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A couple of Quick funny (and extrememly cute) kid things

Emily to Elizabeth:

 “Elizabeth, you will be the first mommy to have babies.”

So, the question I have is, what have the rest of us had??? 🙂 heh


Jacob found a flashlight. Within a couple of seconds he discovered how to turn it on.  “Light!” he exclaimed as he looked into the end of the flashlight. Then he pointed the light up. He looked up and began hopping up and down in excitement to see the light on the ceiling. As he looked and jumped he moved, and gradually began turning in circles, all the while trying to follow the light on the ceiling and pointing with his other hand.

“Look mom! Look mom! Light!”

After a minute he got dizzy and began stumbling around.  His hand with he flashlight lowered and he got confused.  Stumbling around the room, dizzy from turning in circles, look for where the light went. Then he would spot it on the wall and get excited all over again, and without thinking would aim the flashlight up again.  Another search ensued, followed by more spinning frenzy and excited exclamations of, “Look mom! Look Mom!”

 I sat quietly and giggled – it was better than watching a puppy chase a laser light on the floor.  Since then He has figured out that the light shines where you point it, but that hasn’t doused his excitement at all.  If I ever need a laugh, I just hand Jacob a flashlight and watch him for a while.  Before long I will be rolling in laughter.


Teaching Jacob to say the names of his sisters:

Mom and Dad: Say Emily

Jacob: Em-olly

Mom and Dad: Say Dorothy – Dor-o-thy

Jacob: Orfy

Mom and Dad: Say Elizabeth – E-liz-a-beth

Jacob: Ister – we have yet to decide if he is giving up on the long name and going with “Sister” or if he is attempting the cherished nickname of “Lizard”  Either way it is hilarious and adorably cute.


After we have family prayer in the evening our nightly routine is to share hugs and kisses all around.  The kids have started kissing my tummy and saying night night to Junior.  Jacob came up to me the other day and pointed to my tummy.


“Yes, Mommy has a baby in her tummy.”

He waves to my tummy, “Hi baby!”  Then leans over and kisses it.  This has now become a ritual that takes place numerous times a day.  I wonder how surprised he will be when the baby is on the outside… 

 I am also waiting for one of the kids to ask if the baby got in my tummy because I ate it… I wouldn’t put it past them at some point. 🙂


Every once in a while I let Jacob watch Sesame Street if I have things I need to get done in the morning. This morning was one of those mornings as I worked on laundry and what not.  Over the music introducing Elmo’s World at the end I hear this, “Yay! Woohoo!” followed by happy clapping and a cheery “Hi orfy” as Elmo says to say hello to his fish Dorothy.  I can’t exactly explain why, but the “Yay! Woohoo!” just sent me into fits of giggles.


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No, Jacob did not just attack the key board.  Well, what is it? you might be driven to ask.  Or, you might simply shrug your shoulders and decide that I have finally gone completely crazy and make a dash for it while you still can.

 You might also decide to check out NaNoWriMo and see what kind of crazed insanity ensues. 

 To spur on the writer in you – if you have ever dreamed of or desired to attempt writing a lengthy piece of fiction this just might be something to interest you.  I decided to bite the bullet and am attempting to me this high and lofty goal.

I suppose, I’ll tell you now that I have strung you on for a while. 

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month – which just happens to be the month of November.  The goal is to write a novel, 50,000 words in length (about 175 pages) in one month.  It is stressed that it is quantity not quality that is the focus of the month.  No editing is allowed, in fact some joke that December then becomes National Editing Month. 🙂  Basically the push is to write, write, write, all month long and by the time you are done you might be surprised with the horror you have created or the half decent story. Either way you will be impressed with the scads and scads of paper pouring out of your printer of stuff – be it drivel or not – that you have written.  Are you up to the challenge?

What is the point?  Maybe to write that book you have been to scared or daunted to write.  Maybe it is just to feel the sense of accomplishment of striving to a goal – and possibly obtaining it.  Maybe this will be the first draft of a bestselling novel that will make you rich for life….  ok, so that isn’t quite so realistic, but optimism is the key here!

What if I don’t finish?  Well, as it says on the NaNoWriMo website, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  Even if you only write 500 words you are still 500 words closer than you would havebeen had you not even started. 

“But it is November 5th already, ” you argue, “I am getting a late start.”  And I would say, if you set a goal of a mere 2000 words a day (which isn’t much, really) you would have 50,000 words by the end of the month. 

 So, who wants to go crazy with me and join this November madness?  I’ll post occasional updates as to how it’s going with me.  My plan is to write the Adventures of Belinda and Will that I keep fiddling with.  I don’t know if I will meet the final goal, but it will be a lot of fun trying.  🙂 

Happy writing every one!


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