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Toddler Corner

Ok, some of the funnier tidbits that I had forgotten:

The last week of November, when I was trying desperately to finish my novel, Emily, Jacob and I got sick. Emily started it off by throwing up in the middle of the night – super early Tuesday A.M.  Jacob followed suit Tuesday evening.  The nice thing with the older kids when they are sick is that you can at least give them a bowl and they know how to use it.  With two-year-olds the idea is rather pointless.  They put the bowl on their heads and march around banging it with a stick.  We gave Jacob a bowl anyway figuring he just MIGHT catch on.  So I fetched a large silver mixing bowl from the kitchen and proceeded to demonstrate to Jacob what it was to be used for.

“Jacob look at mommy.  When you tummy feels icky-” I point to my oversized tummy.”

“Baby,” Jacob proudly announces.

“Yes Jacob there is a baby in Mommy’s tummy. But when your tummy feels icky you go blech in the bowl.”  I accompanied my blech with sticking my tongue out over the bowl to demonstrate the art of throwing up in a bowl.  “Blech,” I demonstrated again, “in the bowl.”

Jacob eyeballed me like I was an alien for a moment and decided to join the game.  He leaned over the bowl. “Blaaaaa,” he said sticking out his tongue. 

“That’s right,” I say grinning.

“Blaaaaa,” he says again leaning over the bowl then looks at me with a big grin. “I did it!”  So for the duration of the week everytime he saw a silver bowl he leaned over it and said “Blaaaa! I did it!”  Accompanied by moments of, “You do to, mommy.” In which I had the bowl thrust in my face and my expectant toddler waited for my ‘blech’ to sound.

I don’t think I succeeded in teaching him this time around about throwing up in a bowl – though I am fairly certain I succeeded in warping him for life.


Last week Paul was gone on a business trip to Ohio.  He left Wednesday morning and returned home on Saturday evening.  Jacob missed his daddy terribly.  On Sunday Jacob must have wrestled with Papa for a half hour straight. (Though not a typical Sunday activity for our fam – there are exceptions that have to made from time to time to release the pent up toddler boy energy).  At one point Jacob smacked into Daddy’s knee.  He propmptly began crying.

 “What did you hurt?” We asked – not really sure what part of his anatomy he was crying over, though it was in the vicinity of his head.

“My beep beep,” came the tearful answer.

“What did you hurt?” I asked again, confused by his answer.

This time he sorrowfully touched his nose. “My beep beep.”

Oh, how Paul and I collapsed in laughter.


There might have been more – but my brain is flaking out again…


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