I was bit by the cleaning bug today – I woke up and every little dirty thing was bugging me to no end. I cleaned the kitchen, caught up on all the dishes and swept and mopped the floor.  Straightened the living room and family room and vacuumed them.  Cleaned both bathrooms thoroughly and swept and mopped those floors. Cleaned our bedroom and vacuumed it. I even vacuumed my hubby’s office – skipped mine though since I am still working on sewing projects. 

Paul had brought down, from the attic,  the wood cradle/bassinet that he had found during the summer at a garage sale, so I scrubbed that clean as well.  Paul was teasing me about the meaning of my cleaning, to which I vehemently denied the possibility.

 But then, when I went to get Emily from Kindergarten and I was sitting waiting for her to get out of school. The car started bugging me and I began to pick up all the garbage and stray clothes flung about.  Hmmm….

 I’ve done all the laundry as well (6 loads) and will fold it tonight while I watch the new Harry Potter movie.

Now, does this really mean anything?  In my opinion not really.  I am having some contractions, though for me that doesn’t mean much. I was having contractions 5-6 weeks before Jacob was born and they continued up until they finally came.  The contractions actually started when I was sick the last week of November.  They were more frequent today after my crazy cleaning, but are already fading away and petering off as I sit and type. 

So, it will be interesting to see when the baby decides to come join our family.

At the very least I have a wonderful clean house to enjoy. Yippee!!


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2 responses to “Cleaning

  1. Heh. Nesting much?? 😉 I don’t think that really has any bearing on when the baby will come, but I know lots of people who say their babies never came until the nursery was ready and the hospital bag was packed. I never had a “nursery”, and each of my babies came early so I packed my hospital bag 5 minutes before we left for the hospital.

    If the baby comes early and decides Christmas Eve is the day, and if the baby is a girl, you know “Sariah” is a *really* good name. 😉

  2. Hey, you could send some of that my way. I have several loads of laundry that need doing. And the vacuuming? Let’s not go there…

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