Wee One

James Collage 1


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9 responses to “Wee One

  1. I love this.

    Have I mentionned yet that I love the name James? We’ll likely never use it as it is my brother’s name, but I think it is a great name.

  2. That is making my uterus ache. He is such a cutie.

  3. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby. Seems like just yesterday when I met Paul at Ricks. How can you have 5 kids already?! Oh, and I loved your Ensign article. I was so proud to day that I *knew* the author! Double cragratulations…how DO you do it all?

  4. Oh, he’s beautiful! What a handsome little guy :)!

  5. Oh my God he’s so amazingly gorgeous! Congratulations!!!

  6. What a precious baby you have added to your family. It’s been almost 4 years since Evan arrived but, oh the memories!

  7. What a cutie!!!! I love the photos!!!

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