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Catch All

This will be a random catch all post to catch up on what I didn’t write while NaNoWriMo-ing all November.  It’s taken me a while to get around to it because, honestly, after as much writing I did, especially when I got down to the wire, I didn’t care to see my computer, let alone type on it. 🙂  So, now that I have recovered from my typing frenzy I hope to become more regular in my posting and reading. 🙂


Thanksgiving – we had a marvelous one. We have a lot to give thanks for.  We did our traditional trip up to the hospital.  For those who are unfamiliar with our tradition please read this post: Thanksgiving, which explains how and why our tradition started.  It is always amazing to be able to be there and help in some small way as we help serve a Thanksgiving dinner to those unable to leave to enjoy the holiday.  We meet so many wonderful people.  Jacob even had a special bonding moment with a young lady (teenager) who had just gone through a heart surgery herself.   If we can help give back a tiny fraction of all the love, support, and service we received then it makes our holiday the best ever.  The children look forward to our Holiday visits on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, as do we.  However, we won’t be going this Christmas as I will be one week away from my due date, and probably not up to the challenge. 🙂

The one drawback to this was that right towards the end when we were starting to think about taking off, Dorothy made a mad dash to the bathroom as she suddenly felt sick.  It came on SO fast, and there was no warning. I just hope we didn’t get anyone else sick. If we had known we never would have gone. So we prayed a lot that no one would suffer from any germs that we might have brought with us.  Our one happy thought was that we mainly talked with people and didn’t serve food (as we usually do).  So our Thanksgiving was wonderful – even with poor Dot getting sick. But she was over it quickly and we enjoyed our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday at home while all the crazy people were out shopping. 🙂


The Saturday after Thanksgiving was our tree fetching day and we all had a blast running through the trees and choosing the ‘perfect’ one.  We spent the next 3 days to a week trying to finish the decorating – I seem to be a lot slower this year for some reason – I wonder if it has something to do with being due in less than a month! Yikes! 🙂

The tree hunt begins…

Lizard on the tree hunt

Dot has a possibility…

Dorothy standing by a possible tree

Emily finds one just her size…

Emily found a tree she likes - just her size

Jacob looks all through the trees until that perfect one is found.

Jacob on the tree hunt

Once the tree is cut everyone gets to help haul it to the car. “Heave, Ho, and away we go!”

All right folks, lets move this tree!

Heave Ho, and Away We Go!

Now that we have the tree home the decorating begins… Jacob is fascinated by what Dad is doing with the lights.

Whatcha doin' Dad?

So, he decides he needs to help out a bit…

Jacob has to help with the lights

Then the time for hanging ornaments begins.

Lizard Hanging Ornament

Commet Hanging Ornament

Emily hanging ornament

Jacob is hanging his very special ornament – a heart for his first Christmas

Jacob Elf with his Heart Ornament

Jacob Elf Hanging Heart Ornament


To top off all the excitment a week later on December 1st this glorious sight greeted us on Saturday Morning

SNOW! on Dec. 1st

It didn’t last long but it called out for a special breakfast – which I shall do a special post on later, and some hot chocolate.


Those are the highlights, I think there were some pretty funny happenings, but they didn’t make it onto my to write about list unfortunately, so *sniff* they have been temporarily forgotten. But if remembered I will write about them eventually. I should be back in the blog world now having overcome my computer haitus. 🙂


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