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A Case of Snuggles

I think the thing I miss most about babies at this stage, and the thing I love the most about babies at this stage is the snuggles.  I love how they cuddle up on you and and snuggle into you. How they are content to lie on your chest and just be held.  Jacob barely stops long enough for me to give him a quick hug, let alone sit and cuddle with him for any period of time.  Yup, I love the baby snuggle stage. 🙂

As requested: Mama and James

Mama and James

A Mother’s Prayer
(a rubaiyat)

I feel the rhythmic creaking of my rocking chair
And press my cheek, so soft, against your downy hair.
I drop a kiss upon each peaceful slumbering eye
And utter in my heart a silent hopeful prayer.

I want to nurture you and teach you to reach high,
I want you to understand that it’s okay to cry.
I’ll teach you to catch snowflakes on your tiny tongue
And marvel at the rainbows in the glistening sky.

I’ll show you nature’s miracles, after spring has sprung
And show you all the little creatures hiding among
The rocks and crevices. I want to teach you
How to sing the song that’s left unsung.

I want to show you lions, roaring at the zoo,
And be your secret confidant when you’re feeling blue.
You are my precious child. None can compare.
Remember always who you are, my darling, I love you.

-J.H. Schmidt

Hanging out

Half Smile

Sleepy Boy

Hello world!

And a couple of Papa and James too:

Daddy and James

Dad and James at birth center

Daddy and James at Birth Center


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