Random Thoughts…

I have two hands!!  The baby is slumbering peacefully in his crib.  It is hard to believe that he is one month old already – it seems we just barely got home.  He is up to a whopping 10 lbs 7 oz – as of last Thursday anyway – boy can he eat. 🙂  He even got left with the babysitter for the first time this last weekend so hubby and I could go on a desperately needed date. By the time you have 5 kids dates every week become a necessity not a luxery. 🙂  He did really well – granted we stayed in our little town and were only gone 2 hours – but he did great.

I honestly haven’t been in the mood to write – anything.  I’ve been terribly neglect in all aspects of my writing, as well as (shocking as it may be) reading.  The only thing I have read lately is my Book of Mormon in Spanish – Spanish because I have a new calling in church.  We have a new Spanish group starting in our ward and I have been asked to be the Relief Society Spanish Laision – so I do all the translating during RS, translate the newsletters, and go with the presidency on visits to translate for them as well.  It is quite exciting, but a bit scary too as my Spanish is a tad bit rusty.  So I have been polishing up with reading and speaking as much as possible.  I am reading Harry Potter in Spanish as well – slow going, but fun. 🙂

Jacob has transitioned to having a younger brother very well and frequently asks to hold him by pushing up his sleeves, thrusting out his arms and saying “baby”.  The girls of course constantly vie for Jame’s attention and it is fun to se James spending more and more time awake and alert – except for at night. *sigh*

One other reason I haven’t written or been in the mood to write is that I am too tired most days to put two thoughts together coherently – but I got a nap today (wahoo!) and am doing better – I hope – let me know if any of this makes sense. 😉

Some of the crazier things that have happened of late:

We finally had a string of days with no rain – very cold, but no rain so the children were thrilled to have a chance to play outside for extended periods of time.  On Friday they were out for maybe 10 minutes when I got a report from Dorothy that Elizabeth was telling Jacob and Emily to eat mud and that they were doing it.  Apparantly they ate A LOT of mud.  When I grilled Elizabeth her only response was, “But they wanted to do it.”  At this I sighed, shook my head, “That doesn’t make it right does it?”  “No,” she replied and then was very angry with me when I told her she was inside for the rest of the afternoon – when she began throwing a fit I simply said, “well, I suppose I could have you eat mud rather than playing inside…”  She quickly calmed down and accepted her fate.

 A few days ago Dorothy accidently knocked over a large vase of flowers that Paul had given me for the birth of James.  As water cascaded and spilled over the counter I saw, in horror, that it was headed right for our camera.  I made a wild dash to the counter in an attempt to save the camera from the approaching flood. I failed to realize that much of the water from the vase had already hit the floor.  With all the grace of goofy, my feet promptly flew out in front of me and my behind made a splash as I landed in the middle of a huge puddle of water.  Soaked, sore, and a tad bit unhappy I staggered to my feet and managed to snag the camera – unharmed, thank goodness.    I think walking on water is not a forte of mine…

Well, for now that is all – I am lucky to have gotten this much written 🙂  If my luck holds out, I might get a few blogs visited!


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7 responses to “Random Thoughts…

  1. Yeah for a sleeping baby. I hope you get some zzs too.

  2. Life with my three boys gives me very little free time for blogging … and reading, for that matter … I can’t imagine having 5 children!! You’re doing a great job … enjoy these itty bitty newborn days … as you well know they will pass quickly :).

  3. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth’s response of “they wanted to eat mud” has me cracking up!

  4. Wow, you are a busy gal. I love keeping up on your blog.

    Eating mud?! This is what I have to look forward to! Mud feasts. 🙂

  5. Hee hee hee, stay inside for the afternoon or eat mud. You’re one tricky mama!

  6. I am afraid that my girls would choose to eat the mud. You are braver than I, wouldn’t it have been hilarious if she had chosen the mud?

  7. As a parent I love finding a solution that gets the whining to shut up. It gets harder as they get older though…

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