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I Must Be Doing Something Right…

Sometimes I wonder… You know between the fighting and yelling, the talking back and temper tantrums, the scowls and frowns, the messy house and crying fussy baby… somewhere between all that chaos we try to teach our children to make good choices, to be kind and loving, to think more of others than themselves, and we wonder…. does any of it sink in?

Then there are moments like yesterday when we realize that, yes, it is sinking in and in the midst of all the numerous mistakes we make as parents, we are doing something right…

Elizabeth and Dorothy were both chosen from their classes at school to recieve the character counts (a program where they focus on a particular desirable character trait [such us trustworthy, loyal, kind, etc] per month and give a special award to a student who demonstrates that charater trait all the time – not just during the month they are focusing on it) award for Compassion. 

That tells me something.  🙂 

(And I am so proud of my darling daughters – and all the rest of my awesome kids too)


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