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Scrambled Eggs

I love scrambled eggs – they are my favorite.  Fast, easy, and great to whip up when you are in a pinch to get kids out the door in a hurry. So, you guessed it, this morning we had delectable scrambled eggs.  Sometimes I throw in hashbrowns, cheese, ham, sausage, bacon or other delectable items.  This morning however it was plain eggs.  Eggs and toast. Which noone minds and they were devoured quickly and three little girls stampeded out the door.

Just as the door shut Jacob woke and James began crying for his breakfast.  So I quickly plopped Jacob at the table for his breakfast and sat down to nurse the starving James.  There was one important thing I forgot to do in the chaos of the morning.


Often we will by the big flats of 5 dozen eggs because with the size of our family we go through them rather quickly.  Thankfully there were only 8 eggs left of the five dozen.  I had finished nursing James and he was snuggled nicely on my chest.  I must admit that I was contentedly ignoring the piles of laundry and scads of housework that needed to be done to steel a snuggle with the little tyke.  Jacob had finished eating and I was watching him play.  At one point I saw him go into the kitchen and I called for him to come back out.  The next moment I saw him emerge holding the large flat with the 8 eggs balanced precariously upon them.  I watched him go to the counter and proceed to lift the flat up to place it on the counter.

I knew what would happen, but knew there was no way I could move James fast enough to stop it, so I sat and laughed as I watched as the flat flipped upside down and eggs cascaded around Jacob – bouncing off his head (thankfully none broke on his head) and body to land with a resounding crack on the floor.

Poor Jacob stood there rather ‘shell’ shocked for a moment before turning to look at me. I raised my eyebrows at him, to which he responed quite simply. “Uh-oh” He then got his hand into some of the egg goop now running down his shirt.

“Ewww!”  he said and scampered off down the hall to change his clothes while I cleaned up the mess on the floor, chuckling the whole time as I pictured Jacob and his scrambled eggs.

My favorite comic comes to mind, (and life philosophy which I may have posted eons ago at some point):


I guess Jacob is getting an early start 😀


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