Elizabeth has a teeny tiny black and white stuffed kitten. I don’t remember where she got it, I think is might have been a happy meal toy she recieved from a Birthday Party. She loves the thing and calls it Oreo.

When Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Sandy & Ucle Joe, and Aunt Pamala & Uncle Paul (and girls, Laura and Emma) were all here for James’ baby blessing she wanted desperately to show them Oreo.

She looked in her room and couldn’t find it. She looked in the family, living room and Jacob’s room and couldn’t find it. She looked in the bathroom, kitchen, and garage. Still no Oreo. Her cheaks were stained as she tearfully told me she had looked everywhere, including under furniture, and she still couldn’t find it. “I even prayed,” she cried broken heartedly. I wanted to cry too, I felt so bad for her.

“Elizabeth,” I said, “this is Grandma and Grandpa’s last day why don’t you enjoy being with them and join us in having fun. Oreo will turn up sooner or later.”

She nodded her head and then looked up her eyes drying rappidly. “Mom, when we find it, will you take a picture of Oreo to send to Grandma and grandpa?”

“Of course.”

“And Aunt Sandy and Uncle Joe?”


“And Aunt Pamala, Uncle Paul, Laura and Emma?”


With that she gave me a huge hug and took off, all sunshine and smiles, to spend time with the family.


The next day I was chatting on the phone with my Mother and Father. They are on a mission in Florida and couldn’t come to the baby blessing, so I was filling them in on the details. In order to seek some quiet while we visited I slipped into my office. While I was chatting my eyes were studying a black and white blob on the old yellow shag carpet. I gasped as I realized what it was I was staring at. There sat little forlorn Oreo.

I got off the phone and brought Oreo to Elizabeth who greeteed him with squeals of delight. “Make sure you take a picture of him.” She reminded me.

I give you, Oreo – the Lost Kitten:


So, Elizabeth’s prayers were answered after all, and Oreo gets to meet all of you. Some might say it was luck that I found little Oreo. Personally I find it as an amazing testament that Heavenly Father loves us so much that he will help a little girl find something so trivial as a miniature cat. Prayers are answered – even the seemingly minor ones.


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7 responses to “Oreo

  1. Oreo! I’m glad you resurfaced! πŸ™‚ What a cute story. And a cute kitty, too!

  2. Karen

    How sweet! This is just by way of trivia (not meant to be a religious statement), but Catholics pray to St. Anthony for lost things, so I did my share of praying as a child, too. When I was a little older I became firmly convinced that lost things would never turn up until I gave up hoping ever to find them. This is a bit of a paradox, because it’s hard to give up ALL hope when you still have the tiny shred of hope that “giving up hope” will let you find it. (I’m not sure if that description made sense.) The thing is, most of the time it did actually work — but if it didn’t, I had already given up hope of finding the thing anyway, so it didn’t matter.

  3. That’s great. We actually just had this big lesson at church on Sunday that it doesn’t matter what you pray for as long as you are talking to God. Guess that fits well here! Glad Oreo is safe and sound!

  4. Prayer to a child is never trivial. I am sure she said one of thanks when you found him πŸ˜‰

    Definitely πŸ™‚

  5. What a sweet story! I’m convinced that Heavenly Father listens especially close to children’s prayers. I’m glad Oreo turned up!

  6. Pamala

    Tell Elizabeth we saw the picture and think Oreo is really cute. Boy, do I love internet capabilities. Thanks for sharing:-)

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