We Have the Power!

Oh yeah! A new power has been bestowed upon us along with the long sought after W word from our children. This new power is a tad bit scary as we realize that our children are getting older. We were never accused as being the W word before though. Actually, I can’t really say “we” because Paul was the one who was officially slapped with the W word – though if got the W word from our Lizard Queen then I am not far behind. With this W word comes the great ability to embarrass our children and even more teasing ability. What is the so long covetted W word you ask..

Well, we are officially


Oh yeah, Elizabeth looked at Dad doing one of his silly antics the other day and nailed him with, “Dad you are weird!” After we finished laughing we did our celebritory dance – when you’re a parent, being Weird is SOOOO cool! 🙂

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One response to “We Have the Power!

  1. Oh, yeah! We’ve been WEIRD for a looooooong time and since our youngest is not quite yet a teen, I’m sure we’ll be WEIRD for quite a few more years. It’s so cool to have to power to embarrass your kids anytime you want. All I have to do is threaten Brandon with certain things that I know will embarrass him and he is more willing to do what I ask him too. LOL

    Being a WEIRD parent is so fun!

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