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I honestly know nothing about it – well knew nothing about it until Saturday evening. In fact, I had to do a google just now to be sure I was spelling it right. Anyway, a few weeks ago Paul and I were at a work party in which he won two tickets to a Lacrosse game. So, Saturday night we headed to check out this sport called Lacrosse. We had heard about it and new what it was, but beyond that both of us were rather clueless.

We found our seats just before the game began. My very first impression was of a bunch of guys running around on astro turf beating each other with sticks. 😀 But that impression only lasted a second as Paul and I became very engrossed in the game. We had fun trying to figure out the rules and violations that were called, and did a fairly decent job of understanding the game rather quickly. It was really awesome, and we decided that we really enjoy watching lacrosse.

Our team, “Lumberjax” was playing a Canadian team, “Rush” and boy were there some fun wild moments. At one time two players (one from each team) really got into it. The Lumberjax guy hit the ground, then when he tried to get up a Rush guy pushed his head and held it to the ground. Well, rather understandably, that ticked the Lumberjax guy off. Surging to his feet he tackled the Rush guy. Gloves went flying through the air followed by the helmets. By the time the refs were able to break up the fight both players were practically topless. Of course they were both tossed into the penalty box.

Later in the game two lumberjax players slammed a rush player up against the wall. It was the half wall though in front of the Lumberjax team bench, not part of the wall with the high plastic sides. The Lumberjax pushed him until he was unceremoniously dumped in front of all the Lumberjax players sitting on the bench. Boy were the players on the Rush team mad after that. And they came back with a vengence in their game and ended up squishing the Lumberjax into the ground – beat them by 3 or 4 goals in the end.

So, Paul and I (and James too) had our first introduction to Lacrosse and we decided that it is a pretty cool and intense sport to watch. We also decided that Lacrosse ranks along side Football as a sport that Jacob will NOT be allowed to play. 🙂


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