Even Supermom

I don’t quite know the reason why, but lately I have been thinking alot about our impressions of people and how we percieve them and they percieve us. Maybe it was that a good blog friend called me SuperMom. πŸ˜‰ Maybe it was the fact that I ran into a gal who attends church with me and she mentioned that I made it look so “easy”. Easy? She must sit WAY in the back where she does not have a clear view of me as I struggle with my 2-year old trying to keep him from running off, let alone quiet.

It seems interesting that from a small window at church people gain their perspectives of our lives. So, where is this going? Well I was thinking of the dangers of impressions and pedastals. See, there are so many families that seem so “perfect”. I mean at church the kids never seem to fight – and even their toddlers seem to sit so quietly through sacrament meeting. Surely I must be doing something wrong if I have constant issues with behaviour in all my kids. Logically I know that they are not perfect, which is a huge relief to me. Then I realize that people think some of those perfect thoughts about my family which becomes quite scary. After all if we are expected to “have it together” than it makes it scarier on the many moments when we are hanging by a thread – if they find out have imperfect we really are, will we fall off that pedestal that we’ve been placed on and will they hate us?

So, a lot of these thoughts and other similar once were rambling through my head as I drove to a nearby town to run some errands. Jacob and James were in the car with me and I plopped in a Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band CD to listen too. All of a sudden we got to one of my favorite songs. With the thoughts that had been knocking about my head I listened to it completely differently and found it very reassuring.

The song is called “Even Superman” and the chorus goes as follows:

‘Cause even Superman has kryptonite
And though he tries with all his might
Even Superman falls to his knees
Begging please, please, please, please
Begging please, please, please, please

As I listened to the song I felt relief that even as “Supermom” πŸ˜‰ I can have moments where everything is falling apart. I thought of those rough moments in life where the wind has been knocked out of me and I have had no choice but to fall to my knees begging for help from my Heavenly Father. And I was greatful that even the best of the best of us still has weaknesses.

Then after all that I had a thought that I should blog about it. Mainly because nearly all of my blog friends are women, and as women we often feel like we need to live up to certain expectations. Our kids need to be well behaved, good in school, sweet, loving, caring and nearly perfect, our homes needs to be spic and span, our gardens pristine, dinner made on time – and a healthy nutritional one at that, be stellar wives, supermoms, and look good on top of that – oh, and not to mention any moms who work need to do everything twice as good because they are gone part of the day. πŸ˜‰ So, I wanted to share this with all of the moms and women who are trying so hard to be it all and to remember to cut themselves some slack

‘Cause even Superman has kryptonite
And though he tries with all his might
Even Superman falls to his knees
Begging please, please, please, please
Begging please, please, please, please

*if you want to listen to this very cool song, go to the website linked above and go to the Jukebox. The song, “Even Superman”, is the second song on the Album, “Dream Big”. These guys are AWESOME!!


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4 responses to “Even Supermom

  1. Karen

    Definitely something to think about. I’m glad you blogged this. It’s nice to have you back. You know, because Supermoms look after their families perfectly and still have time to blog, too. πŸ˜‰

    Heh, speaking of which, where did that toddler get to?…. πŸ˜‰

  2. Good thing no one is deluded enough to think I’m SuperMom or else I’d have to start pretending I was perfect. Nope, I prefer to just learn from all you SuperWomen out there and hope that I don’t screw up too badly. πŸ™‚ Thanks for posting. People like me need reminders that people like you are human, too.

  3. What a great post! I’m sure the ones with the seemingly perfect lives are the ones having the hardest time!! I like the words to the song…thanks!

  4. Thank you for posting this. I don’t realize it, but I find myself striving to be perfect, and I’m so far from it.

    I just read Jacob’s story. I sat here with tears rolling down my cheeks, because it hit so close to home. That initial feeling of utter panic is probably the worst feeling that is out there for a parent. To have this precious new baby lying there helpless and not knowing what in the world to do is heart wrenching. When all of this happened to Ella I was not involved with the church. I hadn’t been to church in like 13 years. I didn’t have the support that I could have had. We struggled and worried about our son not being with the appropriate people while we were in Portland, and I wish that I had been active and had the church to lean on. 2 months later something inside of me changed, and I think that Heavenly Father sent the Holy Ghost to hold me and to support me and I felt it. And I made the most amazing decision of my life and it’s a feeling that I can’t even describe. My family was going to church. My husband, a non-member, attends Sacrament meeting every single Sunday. The kids and I stay for the whole 3 hours, but to see my husband giving at least that is blessing all in itself.

    Ella has not had an episode since the end of October. She received a priesthood blessing in January and I’m so thankful that I now can watch her grow, smile, laugh and look up to her brother. I am so thankful that our family is so blessed.

    I would love for you to follow my blog and I’m adding you to my blogroll, because I would LOVE to follow yours. We have so much in common and we live quite close. I live right outside of Medford in Talent.

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