I have the hardest time finding Jacob Sunday clothes – especially if I want a tie. It seems that a lot of people don’t sell that kind of thing for little tykes. I can find them occasionally at Sears for a decent price, but non-mall stores only seem to carry them at Easter time and even them I am pushing my luck at finding anything.

Well, I found a new place for finding Sunday stuff – we have a Burlington Coat Factory warehouse not too far away and they have loads of Sunday clothes. 4 piece sets (dress shirt, vest, tie, and pants) for under $25 – I could even buy the little tyke a suite coat and slacks for only $25 – but a dry clean only suit coat for a 4-year old seems a tad bit risky. He’d look dang cute in it though. But I have hit my Sunday clothes happy place as every thing is discounted greatly and I can find things year-round, because unfortunately Jacob doesn’t outgrow stuff only during certain Holidays…


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  1. Kellie Fishpaw

    I definitely understand your predicament! In fact, I commented on this very issue yesterday at Target. Target has the most adorable Easter dresses for girls. I’m sure every store does right now too. but boys?? no. they don’t even get collared shirts at Target. I saw 2 vest/long sleeve shirt combos but that was it. I wanted blazers as the boys won’t wear vests (and not really jackets either) and some ties. Ties anywhere? I can’t find them. If I do find anything of the sort why does it have to be so trendy looking? can’t they just make plain clothes in all different colors? our poor boys. they’ll be in tshirts and jeans for their rest of their lives. 🙂 While little girls get all the party dresses!

    Good luck shopping. I might have to try out Burlington. we have 1 right by us as well.

    have a super day!

  2. I love Burlington!! Sadly though when you get to stuff Evan’s size the selection turns bizzare. All the shirt and tie combos at my local store are pretty, um how shall we say it.. pimpish. They are all wild colors that never in a million years would I put on my son. I have found collared dress shirts at Old Navy and just picked up some clearance ones at Mervyns. Sometimes The Children’s Place has actual ties but not lately, although I mean to look again since Evan’s ties are getting short yet he is always asking for one so he can be like daddy. It is worth the effort to see them sharply dressed on Sundays. Target has a suit combo that I am pondering buying in a size up for next winter.

  3. Children’s Place in the mall. Or even go to http://www.childrensplace.com They have THE CUTEST church clothes. The ties are adorable and they even have them for toddlers.

  4. It frustrates me to no end that you can find all sorts of adorable Sunday clothes for little girls, but never for little boys. Argh! Anyway… as far as ties go, I get them at Children’s Place around Easter and Christmas. The best is after the holiday because you can find them on clearance for even cheaper than they were. Target has a bunch of really cute Sunday outfits out right now… shirts with sweater vests and nice pants, shirts with jackets and pants… just too cute. Too bad I can’t afford new clothes for my boys right now! 🙂 I have (in the past) found really cute sunday shirts at Old Navy, and if you can find the right sale, The Gap has gorgeous Sunday clothes. But you seriously have to find the right sale. OH! And always go to TJ Maxx or Ross. They always have name-brand (think Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren) fore waaaaaay cheap.

    Although you already got something at Burlington, so why am I telling you all this?? 😉

  5. Karen

    Do you have a consignment store in your area? We have one called “Once Upon a Child” where people take nice stuff that their kids have outgrown.

  6. Pamala

    I’m so glad you found such awesome deals! Jacob sure looks cute in his ties and vests.

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