3 Years Old!

It is hard to believe that our little tyke is three all ready. To commemerate his journey I created this slide show… (if you click on the slide show you can change the pace, hover over a pic, and see a photo caption, etc.)

Oh, also, I was going to have “Angels Among Us” playing in the background but I wasn’t able, so just sing the song in your head… 😛

He’s come a long way.

Happy Birthday Little Buddy! We Sure Do Love YOU!!


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8 responses to “3 Years Old!

  1. Happy Birthday Jacob!

    From your heart friend Jacob D.

  2. It is so amazing looking at them now and seeing them when they were little. What an amazing little guy you have there! I hope he has a happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Jacob! Those pictures were showing us such a journey. These Brave Hearts just touch me – they are so amazing!

  4. Happy Birthday Jacob! Hope you have a wonderful day!


  5. Happy Birthday Jacob!!!

    Those are such sweet photos. What a journey!!! He is one special boy 🙂

  6. Happy birthday Jacob!! Love the pictures..you sure are one cute little guy!


    Your other Jacob heart friend!!! (and his mommy!! 🙂 )



  8. Amazing what miracles God hath wrought–modern medicine being one of them. Beautiful slide show–of a beautiful child.
    [I think I’m all caught up now on reading your blog, Julia, at least I’m consistant lately–no writing = no reading:)

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