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The Kraken Attacks

I should have recognized the signs that Davey Jones was out to get me when I realized I had no powder – powder sugar that is. My friend came to my rescue and I thought all would be well.

We are having a pirate party for Jacob tonight and I was making him a pirate ship cake. I cut my two rounds in half and slapped some icing on them. Then I stacked the four halves together and turned them, curved side down, on my cake plate. I proceeded to ice the cake and was priding myself on one of my best icing jobs ever. Suddenly the cake cracked across the middle of all for halves and I watched in horror as my cake split apart. I looked like the kraken had attacked. I did my best to prop it up, but then the sides began to fall. I quickly propped them up.

I sighed. The cake looked a wreck. A wreck! Any mom can make a pirate ship cake, but a cool mom will make one that is being attacked by the kraken.

Wrecked Pirate Ship

Birthday Boy is taking a peek (he approved with a hearty “Arrr!”)

Wrecked Pirate Ship

Well, I suppose my wreck of a cake turned out okay after all. 🙂


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