The Kraken Attacks

I should have recognized the signs that Davey Jones was out to get me when I realized I had no powder – powder sugar that is. My friend came to my rescue and I thought all would be well.

We are having a pirate party for Jacob tonight and I was making him a pirate ship cake. I cut my two rounds in half and slapped some icing on them. Then I stacked the four halves together and turned them, curved side down, on my cake plate. I proceeded to ice the cake and was priding myself on one of my best icing jobs ever. Suddenly the cake cracked across the middle of all for halves and I watched in horror as my cake split apart. I looked like the kraken had attacked. I did my best to prop it up, but then the sides began to fall. I quickly propped them up.

I sighed. The cake looked a wreck. A wreck! Any mom can make a pirate ship cake, but a cool mom will make one that is being attacked by the kraken.

Wrecked Pirate Ship

Birthday Boy is taking a peek (he approved with a hearty “Arrr!”)

Wrecked Pirate Ship

Well, I suppose my wreck of a cake turned out okay after all. 🙂


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9 responses to “The Kraken Attacks

  1. It looks great! I’m thoroughly impressed. How do you find time to do that with five kids??? I think you must be wonderwoman.

    Na, just I baked the cake last night after everyone was asleep. Then after the girls left for school I let the boys sleep in while I finished it. 🙂

  2. Awesome! I just did cupcakes this year since we had a friend party.

  3. That cake is freakin’ AWESOME!!!! And way to go with the flow. The Kraken looks incredible. The whole thing looks like you planned it that way. Good on ya!!

  4. I agree with Sleepyfrog…it totally looks like you made it that way! And keep in mind…Jacob is a BOY, which means he probably likes it more since it’s got some “action” going on!!! Have fun and enjoy the party!!!!!


  5. Deb

    That looks soooooooo awesome!

  6. It looks AWESOME!!! What a way to save the day! 🙂

  7. All I can say is, AWESOME!

  8. Wow! All I ever did was make my kids “boughten” cakes [other than birthdays, I only made from scratch] but I just made sloped leave-’em-in-the-pan cakes. And the Kraken–quick [and brilliant] thinking!

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