Daily Archives: March 15, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers Thar Be a Party

Arrr! I came to me home and found that a mess of scurvy lads ‘n lasses had sailed in to plunder me family room.


Captain Jacob commands his ship

Captain Jacob

The littlest Pirate will strike smiles in your heart

James the Pirate


Arrr! Says James

Pin the pirate on the treasure – at least he knows we consider him to be a treasure.

Pin the Pirate on the Treasure

The game uncovered a secret map to the hidden tresure – GOLD!!



Arr! I've Got Booty!

YoHo! A Pirate ship for me. And with a mighty blow the canons’ fire is put out and Captain Jacob is victoriuos.

Jacob Blows out the Cannons


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