3 Years Ago

Three years ago it was Easter today. I remember that it was a gorgeous day and I wanted so desperately to be able to enjoy the glorious day with my family, but my heart was full of hope and worry as I clung on with desperate faith.

It is hard to believe sometimes that it ever happened as I look at my son today. But sometimes it seems like we just barely got home from the hospital. Funny how time plays tricks with you.

This year Easter was on the day that Jacob was rushed to the hospital three years ago.

It was an odd sensation going to the hospital this year to volunteer on Easter Sunday. Being so close to his surgery date, being the anniversary of the day it all started, most of all it being Easter.

How can I describe how marvelous it is to not only celebrate the rising of our Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ, but to also celebrate the life of our son on Easter.

I know that our Saviour lives and loves us, and I know that even though we all go through hard times where we wonder how on earth can we can possibly make it through, that he understands. He is with us every step of the way and when we have no more strength to walk on our own he gathers us into his loving arms and carries us. He and our ever loving Heavenly Father want so desperately to help, comfort, and guide us. We simply need to ask.

I know I am a bit late with my Easter tribute. But Christ the Lord is indeed risen, and I as words fail to express how my heart feels, I rely on a favorite hymn:

“I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me,
Confused at the grace so fully he proffers me.
I tremble to know that for me he was crucified,
That for me, a sinner, he suffered, he bled and died.

I marvel that he would descend from his throne devine
To rescue a soul so rebellious and proud as mine,
That he should extend his great love unto such as I,
Sufficient to own, to redeem, and to justify.

I think of his hands pierced and bleeding to pay the debt!
So mercy, such love and devotion can I forget?
No, no I will praise and adore at the mercy seat,
Until at the glorified throne I kneel at his feet.

Oh, it is wonderful that he should care for me enough to die for me!
Oh, it is wonderful, wonderful to me!”

And he is risen! How glorious it is!


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12 responses to “3 Years Ago

  1. We have so many procedures and surgeries so I actually tend to forget the actual dates of them. However the day after Thanksgiving is burned into my mind because of Evan’s stroke. It is great to see how far they have come from such scary things. I am also glad that while we may never forget they are not going to remember. I always sob like a baby when I see church movies and Jesus is healing little children.

  2. Wow, it’s been three years? How far he has come, and you, and your family. How blessed we are to have Christ in our lives.

  3. Thank you so much for your testimony! It is amazing to me how occurrences in our lives help us to more fully understand the power of the atonement. Jacob is a perfect example of God’s love for his children.

  4. aplaceforlove

    Awww how precious is that. Well happy belated Easter and I hope you had a wonderful one.

  5. I thought of you guys on Easter Sunday. Amazing to think of Jacob now and Jacob three years ago!! “I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me.”

  6. How true your words are. The Lord has most definately gotten us through this journey and will continue to do so. We are all so blessed in so many ways! What better time to reflect on your last few years than on Easter Sunday!!

  7. It’s all amazing isn’t it? The strength that we are given is through him and that makes me smile and it puts this sensation through me that I know everything is going to be okay. How awesome that you were able to volunteer this year for Easter. That is something that I hope next year I’ll be able to do. Or sometime soon.

    As for the song you quoted. I met my cousin that was put up for adoption (I’m sure you read about it on my blog) and went to church w/her and her family that raised her on Easter Sunday. My cousin gave a talk and she quoted that song in her talk. It was so touching. Then after church she handed me a CD that she had made for our trip home. That was the first song on it. I absolutely love it. The entire CD that she made is wonderful! There’s one version on there that’s ‘I am a Child of God’ and it has a Chorus that goes something like…. “You know what I go through..” UGH for some reason my mind is going blank.. but I haven’t taken the CD out of my car yet. Okay – anyways…. I’m going to bed!!! Thanks for the comments on my blog today. That choking thing w/Jayden scared me to death! It scared him too :*( Man, these kids sure can be stressful, can’t they?

  8. Deb

    You’re so right. He never leaves us alone.

  9. I’m so glad for your little boy.

  10. It’s never too late to think of Easter and all it means.

  11. Just thinking of you guys. Hope everyone is doing well!!


    Thanks Cindy! We are all well – just being a slacker at writing

  12. April Brewster

    Hi! I’ve been missing you lots lately and love your blog. We love Easter, too. It seems one of us is always sick that day, though 😛 I’m thinking about starting a blog, but I’m not much of a writer (as you know:) I’ll let you know if I do.
    Love, April

    Yay April! I am so glad you came by – I hope you do start a blog it would be fun, especially since I am so lame at writing back to you by email. I’m trying to do better though! 🙂

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