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Home Made Wet Wipes (and other Random Stuff)

I got to thinking this morning as I was up early with some of my kiddos that I should share a very cool recipe I have for making wet wipes. One of the gifts I recieved when I was pregnant with Elizabeth was a roll of Bounty paper towells, a bottle Baby Magic baby bath, a bottle of baby oil, and a round plastic tupperware. I remember thinking, “Cool, is there a secret here to how these go together?” Then I saw the recipe on a card in the bottom of the bag.

“Home made wet wipes?”

I was then told that they were not only cheaper, but gentler on baby’s skin because they don’t have the alcohol that regular wetwipes do. I have been making and using them ever since and we LOVE them I can really tel the difference between the store bought ones and the home made ones, and so can my kids. When someone has a rashy bum they scream bloody murder over the store bought wipes. They still cry when I use the home made wipes, but not as bad. So, anyway, in case you want to try out the coolest thing ever, here is the recipe:

Baby Wipes

2 Cups Water
2 Table Spoons Baby Magic baby bath (must be Baby Magic)
1 Table Spoons Baby Oil (any kind will do)
1/2 roll of Bounty paper towells (must be Bounty-we like the super big rolls – we have tried others, but none have worked any where as well)
1 tupperware container (with lid) that will snuggly fit the 1/2 roll of paper towells (with a little space because they will expand as they get wet)

The hardest part is cutting the roll of paper towells in half – a serrated knife works best and it is worth it, trust me. Though Paul cut them with his chop saw and that worked like a dream! We cut a whole bunch at a time

Put the Water Baby Magic and Bay oil in the tupperware and mix together. Put in the 1/2 roll of Bounty paper towells and put the lid on. Let sit for 10-15 minutes and then flip and let them sit for another 10-15 minutes. Then open them up, pull out the center tube, and you are ready to go. Take wet wipes from the middles where the tube was and they work like a dream!


I was in desperate need for jeans – the one pair that fit me right now had numerous holes and were quickly becoming indecent to wear. I was in a store running some errands and I thought, “No kids equals good time to try on some jeans. So I grabbed my usual size and then thought, “I had better get one size bigger, after all I did just have a baby.” So into the dressing room I went and tried the smaller size on first. I could get them on and buttoned ok, but I decided that breathing might be an issue and being comfortable is key. I thought one size bigger would be perfect.

Umm, no. They were smaller than the first pair. I kid you not. Same brand, same style, same everything. I even double checked to make sure the tag inside said the same size as the tag on the outside, and yup they were supposed to be bigger than the first pair. And I am talking I couldn’t even button this pair that is how much small they were! Sheesh people if you are going to make jeans, lets at least make the bigger size bigger than the smaller sizes. Though I must admit I found the whole thing rather funny when I was done being annoyed – but it would have been a tad bit depressing if I had tried the supposedly bigger jeans on first and they hadn’t even buttoned.


So, the jean incident had its benefits in that because I had searched high and low for a pair of decent jeans none had been found – they all had super low waists – which should seriously be illegal on plus size clothes. Ewww *shudder*

Anyway, I had to make a trip to the mall and go to Lane Bryant to find something that would fit and not embarrass me. I had a babysitter for the four older kids and baby and I went to the mall – with a friend! Girl time! 🙂 I don’t think I had hung out with one of my girl friends in ages. It was so so very fun, and I found an incredibly comfortable pair of jeans that are flattering and don’t expose more than they should. 🙂


Ever notice that if the toilet is going to flood it will be when the baby sitter is there? Jacob apparantly had too much fun with the toilet paper and our baby sitter had to deal with a mini flood. She had to call me for advice, poor girl. I told her to throw down a batch of towells and declare the bathroom a National Disaster area until I got home and to use the master bath instead. So, after kids were in bed I did a bit of cleaning.


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Barrel Racing

We knocked over the giant metal oil drums and rolled them to the edge of the pond. The once bright yellow and blue paint was cracked and peeling . Large ammounts of orange rust peered through, making them look like long forgotten cars in a heap of junk at the dump.

“Won’t they sink?” we questioned.

One of the wiser ones in our group of siblings spoke up, “Come on guys, they are empty and the air trapped inside will make them float just fine.”

“So, what are the rules? Are there any rules?” We looked at each other trying to decide.

“Anything is fair game except for hitting each other with the poles.”

We scavengered the nearby area for three large sticks that would work for poles. Then we gave the barrels a final push. The water gave way beneath them as they plumeted into the pond. We shrieked as we were showered with drops of filthy water.

Three of us mounted the barrels. The fourth stood on one side of the pond as the starter, and the fifth was on the other side to act as referee and to see who finished first.

The slippery barrels rolled beneath us as we dug our poles into the pond floor trying to keep our balance. No one was keen on falling into the murky water, heavy with goose droppings and other such unmentionable items.

“Ready, set, GO!”

We pushed on our poles hoping to shoot across the pond to win the race. Instead, poles stuck in the mud and we were left to wiggle and squirm trying to keep our balance as the barrels rolled and swayed beneath us. Giggles erupted as be began to develop the art of prodding ourselves along with out getting stuck. We were nearing the end of the race and two barrels wiere neck in neck, with one close behind, trying hard to catch up with out rolling into the water. Between the first to barrels a battle had begun.

A foot lashed out connecting fiercely with the side of the barrel, causing the end to swing out and the barrel turned. The unfortunate rider was left straddling the barrel, clenching his feet and legs desperately on each side of it to keep it from rolling and floating away. His arms were outstretched clutching his pole as he tried to regain control. Gradually he was able to pole his body and the barrel alongside the pole once more and, now in 3rd place, began a frantic pace to catch-up.

Meanwhile, Barrel #3 saw her opening as #2 was fighting for control and moved up swiftly behind barrel number one. With an eveil laugh she smashed into the side of barrel #1 and sent the barrel rolling so hard that the rider had no hope of staying on and sank beneath the mire. #2 crowed with delight as she saw her sibling resurface and plowed on to hit the finish line, but just before she did, #2 came back from behind, kicked her barrel and lunged in for the finish. Barrel #3 wasn’t about to land in the water, she was determined to at least hit ground. As her barrel rolled uncontrollably beneath her, she through her body towards the shore and hit, half in, halft out just after #2 cleared the finish line.

A laughing pack of 5 siblings stood laughing over their state.

“That was awesome!”

“It’s my turn to ride now.”

“And Mine.”

“I will ride.”

“You rode last time.”

“So did you.”

“How about if we use two barrels and team up – two per barrel and one can be the ref.”

And barrel racing was born.

What, you thought I was going to talk about THAT kind of barrel racing? Umm, nope, never done that.

*This account is as true as I can make it – we really did barrel race on the pond, though I can’t remember how an exact race went, I recreated one incorporating actual events from numerous races, and the possible conversation that went with it.


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Circus (not the one I live in) heh

It is funny how memories shift and fade over the years. Some memories are so vivid and tangible, while others lurke – a shadow of faded vision just out of reach. These memories seem to me to be just out of focus – the edges blurred so it is hard to tell between reality and dream. Sometimes I wish my brain had a fine tuned focus knob so that when I latch onto one of these memories I could bring it strong and clear to the front of my brain.

As Paul and I were driving to the LaCrosse game we passed by the brilliant blue and yellow circus tents set up on the Water Front.

“I wish we could all go to the circus some time,” Paul mentioned as we drove past.

A memory instantly began teasing my brain of some fuzzy long distance, once upon a time. Hadn’t I gone to a circus once? Nah, it was a dream, but then the memory slowly focused just a bit and I remembered enough detail, some funny insignificant detail, that let me know that it was a long lost memory indeed.

I don’t recall what grade I was in when we went on the fieldtrip, but I was very young, so I am guessing 1st or 2nd grade.

The bus ride was long as we drove some distance, probably Pittsburgh. As we came off the freeway I saw a big huge white building. “That can’t be the circus, there are supposed to be tents,” I thought to myself.

Just as we passed the building, bright colorful tents popped up and a thrill of excitement shot through me. I clutched my brown paper bag lunch and exited the bus in a throng of students. I was very excited about my lunch becaus it had one of those short juices with the bumpy sides on it and foil for a lid. There were also Combos in my lunch – those little pretzly snacks with filling in the middle. I distinctly remember that mine were Pizza flavor. This was a rare and special occasion in deed as trying to raise five children on a farm finances were tight and such luxeries in our lunches occured rarely. Though there were usually a plentiful supply of home made cookies in our lunch, so I can’t complain to much. Anyway, back to the story.

The tent was huge. It was so big that it didn’t even feel like a tent and I was amazed at how they had stairs taking us high, high up. We were in the peanut gallery, and I always wondered why we didn’t get peanuts.

There were two acts I remember distinctly. All my short life, up until that moment, I always wanted to see someone shot out of a cannon. That was what defined a circus to me – there had to be a guy flying out of a cannon. How loud that cannon was! I cheered as I clapped my hands on my ears, laughing as the guy sailed through the air.

Then there was the tightwire motorcycle act. The tightwire went right over our heads. The motorcycle drove slowly across the wire getting closer and closer. Then a beautiful lady in a sparkly silver costume descended from the motorcycle, clenching the rope (or whatever it is called) with her teeth. She began the most beautiful arial ballet right above our heads. I was in awe as I watched her spin and dance in the air. I couldn’t believe how she was able to hang on just by her teeth!

I am fairly certain I played circus for weeks afterwards.

I love how forgotten memories are triggered by the smallest things, and sometimes things that have nothing to do with the memmory. I always greet them with a smile and hug to an old friend. Then I quickly write them down before they slip away again…


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Even Supermom

I don’t quite know the reason why, but lately I have been thinking alot about our impressions of people and how we percieve them and they percieve us. Maybe it was that a good blog friend called me SuperMom. 😉 Maybe it was the fact that I ran into a gal who attends church with me and she mentioned that I made it look so “easy”. Easy? She must sit WAY in the back where she does not have a clear view of me as I struggle with my 2-year old trying to keep him from running off, let alone quiet.

It seems interesting that from a small window at church people gain their perspectives of our lives. So, where is this going? Well I was thinking of the dangers of impressions and pedastals. See, there are so many families that seem so “perfect”. I mean at church the kids never seem to fight – and even their toddlers seem to sit so quietly through sacrament meeting. Surely I must be doing something wrong if I have constant issues with behaviour in all my kids. Logically I know that they are not perfect, which is a huge relief to me. Then I realize that people think some of those perfect thoughts about my family which becomes quite scary. After all if we are expected to “have it together” than it makes it scarier on the many moments when we are hanging by a thread – if they find out have imperfect we really are, will we fall off that pedestal that we’ve been placed on and will they hate us?

So, a lot of these thoughts and other similar once were rambling through my head as I drove to a nearby town to run some errands. Jacob and James were in the car with me and I plopped in a Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band CD to listen too. All of a sudden we got to one of my favorite songs. With the thoughts that had been knocking about my head I listened to it completely differently and found it very reassuring.

The song is called “Even Superman” and the chorus goes as follows:

‘Cause even Superman has kryptonite
And though he tries with all his might
Even Superman falls to his knees
Begging please, please, please, please
Begging please, please, please, please

As I listened to the song I felt relief that even as “Supermom” 😉 I can have moments where everything is falling apart. I thought of those rough moments in life where the wind has been knocked out of me and I have had no choice but to fall to my knees begging for help from my Heavenly Father. And I was greatful that even the best of the best of us still has weaknesses.

Then after all that I had a thought that I should blog about it. Mainly because nearly all of my blog friends are women, and as women we often feel like we need to live up to certain expectations. Our kids need to be well behaved, good in school, sweet, loving, caring and nearly perfect, our homes needs to be spic and span, our gardens pristine, dinner made on time – and a healthy nutritional one at that, be stellar wives, supermoms, and look good on top of that – oh, and not to mention any moms who work need to do everything twice as good because they are gone part of the day. 😉 So, I wanted to share this with all of the moms and women who are trying so hard to be it all and to remember to cut themselves some slack

‘Cause even Superman has kryptonite
And though he tries with all his might
Even Superman falls to his knees
Begging please, please, please, please
Begging please, please, please, please

*if you want to listen to this very cool song, go to the website linked above and go to the Jukebox. The song, “Even Superman”, is the second song on the Album, “Dream Big”. These guys are AWESOME!!


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Spring is Springing!!!

Well, March has arrived and in Oregon it means that Spring is headed into full swing. We have even had a number of gorgeous sunny days that found me out working in the yard and enjoying the daffodils poking their heads out to feel the glorious warmth of the spring time sun. I started with cleaning off the deck from all the accumulated winter debris and gradually began moving to the walk way around the deck – trimming back the Japanese Maple and clearing out weeds that were beginning to pop out. My next project is to get the back garden ready for our vegetable garden that I am determined to make happen this year. I have quite a bit of work to do there, so with baby it might take me a little while.

Anyway, to celebrate glorious spring I give you our first Daffodils and Crocusses:




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Awe Shucks


I have had a blogging award bestowed upon me which requires me to talk about it and choose five – only five? – worthy blogs to bestow this grand award on. Nancy was the one that gave me this award.

I feel greatly honored, especially since I feel like I was a very lame blogger this last year. I am trying to resolve to be more interesting – We will see if it actually happens or not. 🙂

Anyway, I tag the following:

Zen Mama

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I honestly know nothing about it – well knew nothing about it until Saturday evening. In fact, I had to do a google just now to be sure I was spelling it right. Anyway, a few weeks ago Paul and I were at a work party in which he won two tickets to a Lacrosse game. So, Saturday night we headed to check out this sport called Lacrosse. We had heard about it and new what it was, but beyond that both of us were rather clueless.

We found our seats just before the game began. My very first impression was of a bunch of guys running around on astro turf beating each other with sticks. 😀 But that impression only lasted a second as Paul and I became very engrossed in the game. We had fun trying to figure out the rules and violations that were called, and did a fairly decent job of understanding the game rather quickly. It was really awesome, and we decided that we really enjoy watching lacrosse.

Our team, “Lumberjax” was playing a Canadian team, “Rush” and boy were there some fun wild moments. At one time two players (one from each team) really got into it. The Lumberjax guy hit the ground, then when he tried to get up a Rush guy pushed his head and held it to the ground. Well, rather understandably, that ticked the Lumberjax guy off. Surging to his feet he tackled the Rush guy. Gloves went flying through the air followed by the helmets. By the time the refs were able to break up the fight both players were practically topless. Of course they were both tossed into the penalty box.

Later in the game two lumberjax players slammed a rush player up against the wall. It was the half wall though in front of the Lumberjax team bench, not part of the wall with the high plastic sides. The Lumberjax pushed him until he was unceremoniously dumped in front of all the Lumberjax players sitting on the bench. Boy were the players on the Rush team mad after that. And they came back with a vengence in their game and ended up squishing the Lumberjax into the ground – beat them by 3 or 4 goals in the end.

So, Paul and I (and James too) had our first introduction to Lacrosse and we decided that it is a pretty cool and intense sport to watch. We also decided that Lacrosse ranks along side Football as a sport that Jacob will NOT be allowed to play. 🙂


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We Have the Power!

Oh yeah! A new power has been bestowed upon us along with the long sought after W word from our children. This new power is a tad bit scary as we realize that our children are getting older. We were never accused as being the W word before though. Actually, I can’t really say “we” because Paul was the one who was officially slapped with the W word – though if got the W word from our Lizard Queen then I am not far behind. With this W word comes the great ability to embarrass our children and even more teasing ability. What is the so long covetted W word you ask..

Well, we are officially


Oh yeah, Elizabeth looked at Dad doing one of his silly antics the other day and nailed him with, “Dad you are weird!” After we finished laughing we did our celebritory dance – when you’re a parent, being Weird is SOOOO cool! 🙂

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