Here I am Again

Oops! I had no intention of letting so much time slip away before writing again. In fact I had resolved to do better at blogging like I used to. Anyway, some things since I last wrote…

This little exchange took place the other day and simply cracked me up:

Paul to Emily as she brushed her hair: “You are beautiful.”
Emily to Paul: “I know, Dad.”
Paul to Emily: “And very humble too aren’t you?”
Emily: “No. I don’t know what that means.”


A few pictures from Easter time that I hadn’t posted. One of our traditions is to make our own easter baskets. Anything goes from crazy contraptions to the simple basket. Though we usually try to see how creatively crazy we can get. šŸ™‚

Elizabeth created a moss covered log with flowers growing out of it.

Elizabeth and Easter Basket

Dorothy created a bunny rabbit. You could feed it by putting candy in the mouth. The candy would then fall down into the main part of the basket. It was quite fun.

Dorothy and Easter Basket

Emily had created a vase of flowers.

Emily and Easter Basket

Jacob had fun sticking stickers all over his basket.

Jacob and Easter Basket

James shared his basket with mama – which I didn’t get a photo of. However here is a photo of the smiley little tyke taken just this morning…



We have discovered “Scripture Scouts”. They are musical story adventures of the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Articles of Faith. They are soooo much fun. A friend told us about them and played part of one for us. The kids were so upset when we turned it off that I decided to look into them. We got the Book of Mormon set (3 CD for $15) on Friday and the kids have listened to nearly nothing else. Night and day they ask for Scripture Scouts. They sing along and are learning some neat things about the Book of Mormon. They also love dancing to them. We hope to eventually add the Old and New Testament to our collection. šŸ™‚


We also watched conference this last weekend and enjoyed it so much. I loved President Monson’s talks as well as his councelors. I really enjoyed Elder Ballard’s talk to mothers. I really needed that and I can’t wait to read it again, along with the others.


Last of all I don’t know that I mentioned that my parents are going on a third mission and have their mission call already. They are returning to the mission where they are now – Tampa Florida Mission, which they are very excited about. They will serve for another 18+ months. We are so excited for them, and we are excited to see them this summer. As Florida is a bit far for us to travel to on our budget, the kids haven’t seen their grandparents in close to 2 years, so everyone is excited to see them in July and for them to get to meet James. We also found out that my brother in Vermont is going to be coming as far as Utah this summer, so we will be heading out there at the same time. It has been 9 years since I have been able to see him and his family in person and we are so excited. We will get to have a big family reunion, if everything works out right all of my brothers and sisters will be able to get down there at the same time – the first time that we will have been together in nearly 10 years! I am so excited! Yay! Yay! Yay!


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7 responses to “Here I am Again

  1. Family reunions are a lot of fun! I loved Elder Ballard’s talk too!

  2. Deb

    Precious, precious pics of your little ones. :o)

    I moved to WordPress–had to. The juju bean heads who owned the domain let it expire.

  3. Your kids are so creative! I’m sure they had a little help with their baskets but really, they came up with some great ideas! I have always enjoyed doing crafts with my kids. I’m sure you enjoy it too.

    And how nice that your going to have a family reunion! It would be hard for me to go that long without seeing my family. My brother and a few of his kids are coming this weekend and I am so excited to meet my new great-niece. My parents are coming up too.

    I hope you get some great pictures of your family reunion.

    Lastly, I missed most of conference since Jess has been having really bad nights, I slept through most of it. šŸ˜¦ But at least I get the Ensign so I will have an opportunity to read the talks later. It sounds like I could really use the talk about mothers.

  4. You have to post a photo of all your kids in their Easter outfits!!! I can see the dresses hanging up in the background of all the photos! I’m dying to see all the kids together! I *love* seeing big families in matching clothes šŸ™‚ Did you make the dresses?

    I loved Elder Ballards talk too. Wow, he was really talking straight to me! I’ve been pondering how to implement it in my life. That’s where it gets tricky šŸ™‚

  5. Such creative baskets–and a fun tradition. In my family, the kids [OK, I started and enforced it, pushy big sister that I was] made the baskets for everyone. One of my girls took that tradition and ran with it, but never did any of us get so creative as yours.
    And I can not believe that baby is that big already–wasn’t he just born last week? Seems like it to me! [Tho not to you, I’m sure!] As usual, I love your pics.
    I loved all of Conf, too, except that our computer was not co-operating, so we hurridly raced to the church about 15 minutes into the first session when it became obvious that we would only get a few words here and there. I felt–no fair…why didn’t the BYU combined choirs get to sing for Conf back when I was there? But we did sing for the Prophet when he came to dedicate the bell tower [that would have been Pres. Kimball šŸ™‚ I thought the address geared to young mothers was not only timely, but had application to the rest of us as well. As a grandma with my grandkids far away, I’ve “adopted” a family with which I always sit, as well as carry kids books etc. in my Sunday bag–always a different choice than Mom’s regular stuff–they love to see what “Aunt Valerie” has brought each week. This has made me so familiar with the kids that when Mom needs extra help, or babysitting etc. she can call me–and they kids are happy to see me rather than have a virtual stranger. I well remember being a young mother with lots of young children to ready and care for, and needing –and receiving extra help.

  6. You have beautiful children!

    I love the “you are beautiful” story. Very cute. šŸ™‚

  7. What beautiful pictures of those kiddos! I love the idea that you have to have the kids make their baskets…what a great tradition!


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