Like Father Like Daughter

Sometime in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s Paul’s mother recieved an unexpected from the school nurse. It seemed that everyday as he walked to school little Paul managed to get himself quite filthy. After numerous days of showing up to school dirty and unkempt the nurse decided to pay a visit to his home to see what things were like there. She of course found Paul’s mother rather surprised (and a very clean home to boot) and Paul’s mother found out that her little rascal was goofing off on the way to school. We still joke about the story.


I just walked in the door and was working on getting dinner ready. We are expecting the missionaries for dinner this evening so I was putting a roast in the crockpot when the phone rang. I washed my hands and answered the phone, motioning for Emily and Jacob to keep it down.


“Hello, this is — the school counselor. I was calling about Dorothy’s shoes.”

“Dorothy’s shoes?” I was very curious as to what was happening to Dorothy’s shoes.

“Yes, she said that she had to wear her little sister’s shoes today because she doesn’t have any-”

At this point I began laughing and she broke off, then continued. “Ahh, I see you are laughing. So she does have shoes that fit?”

Midst gales of laughter, “Oh yes.”

“She said they were all lost or too small.” The counselor was chuckling herself now.

“Actually she didn’t even tell me this morning that she couldn’t find her shoes, and I didn’t bother to look at her feet. She has an issue with putting her shoes away sometimes, they are probably in her bedroom, its rather messy.” (It made total sense to me, she would much rather cram her feet into tiny shoes than clean her room looking for ones that fit, heh) I was broken off by a piercing scream from Jacob. “Oh, sorry, that is my son, he screams when something is funny, I promise I am not torturing him.”

More laughter, “No, no, I can tell it was a happy scream. Well I just wanted to check because we do have money that we can use to help out if a family is in need of such things.”

“No worries, I appreciate you checking. And now I will check to be sure which shoes my daughter is wearing when she leaves.”

The counselor also mentioned that Dorothy was very proud of the fact that “my feet don’t hurt one bit!” and described that the shoes looked so tiny and when she felt them her toes were all bunched up at the end. I took a moment to run backt to the school with a pair of shoes for Dorothy – of course they are a very worn pair of shoes, so it may not raise the counselor’s hopes much. 😉


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11 responses to “Like Father Like Daughter

  1. What a kook! I told a school councilor that I hated one of my sisters. I had no idea that it would get back to my mom and she still likes to laugh about it even though I am grown.

  2. justasimplecountrygirl

    ROTFLOL Kids are such an adventure. :o)

  3. Very cute stories! These are the fun things that make it all worth it.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a caring message on my blog. You are so sweet and I appreciate your friendship so much!

    ((hugs)) to you too.

  4. LOL

    I remember reading a note when my daughter started school: (from the teachers) We’ll promise not to believe everything your child says about home as long as you promise not to believe everything they say about school.

  5. hahahahaha! What a great story! I’m so glad the counselor immediately started laughing and believed you. Although I’m sure it’s the kind of thing that happens a lot. 🙂

  6. That’s so funny! That also shows that they care if they are willing to call and just make sure that everything is okay 🙂

    Jenacy LOVES to go to our friend Rob and Jenny’s house. She SCREAMS when it’s time to go. Their daughter, Lizzie, LOVES to come to our house. She SCREAMS when it’s time to go back to her house. So we have this ongoing joke that each daughter wants the other’s parents cuz we beat them at our own houses 😉 Our ward also has a parenting class and the people in the class are invited by the bishop (it’s a mix of good families and most likely ones that the bishop is worried about). Rob and Jenny were first in the class, now it’s our turn. So we joke about that too, that we’re in the parenting class cuz our daughters are telling on us in Nursery 🙂

  7. Funny stories. I hope all your contacts with school counselors are as easily solved. Actually, my daughter once had a friend who only went to school part time due to sharing shoes with a cousin. That was also easily solved.

  8. How funny! Gotta love all that “out of the mouth of babes” stuff! And you have alot of them over there so lots of great stories!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!!!

  9. OMGosh! I could totally see Jayden doing something like this. He’s been known to put on 2 different shoes because he couldn’t find the other one.

    I’m so happy that you’re following w/me on reading the BOM. Your comment on Chapter 7 was great! What you wrote is so true…. being a able to forgive is something that we must do, and whole heartedly too. Thank you so much for your input and I hope to see more of it as I move on… which will probably be tomorrow morning.

  10. Philosophical Karen

    Haha, cute story.

  11. I LOVE that story! How funny!

    Take care!


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