To those who commented before I removed my last post: Thank you. Things are far from resolved – and I still have no clue, but things will work out – they always do. 🙂 There are many times I think as a mom we feel at our wits ends and that there can’t possibly be any solution in sight – but the key, as a dear friend reminded me, is patience. (Unfortunately patience is often found by having it tried, heh 🙂 ) I also remind myself to sing a little song that has become rather prevalent in our household as we help each other maintain a more positive attitude in general… “Always look on the bright side of life – dee do dee do dee do dee do dee do…” Anyway a good vent, a small burst of tears, and few prayers have great cleansing effect and give us a fresh start to tackle the troubles in life.

On an interesting note – back in March around Jacob’s 3rd birthday we took a trip to the zoo – in which we got rained on – A LOT – but it was fun anyway. We originally had not planned on going to the zoo. A trip to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) had been planned. We looked high and low for our pass before we left – EVERYWHERE. No matter where we looked or what we did we could not find our pass. We prayed and searched some more – still nothing. In the processes I grabbed our zoo passes which had just recently arrived in the mail. Then we had the odd feeling that for some reason – who knows why – we should not go to OMSI. It was raining and we held the zoo pass in our hands. We had promised the kids an outing, and it wasn’t going to be OMSI. So, off to the zoo we went.

Today my husband called. “How many times did you and I empty my wallet on that day when we went to the zoo rather than OMSI?”

“At least 4 times, if not more,” I replied. “Why?”

“I found our pass to OMSI – it was in the front pocket.”

Apparantly the pass had stuck to the dental insurance card.

Unfortunate? Maybe, we did get rather wet. I believe things often happen for reasons, and sometimes we never know what the reason may be, but I do know that once again, Paul and I felt that we weren’t supposed to go to OMSI that day.

But, we are very glad that the pass has come out of hiding. 🙂

One last thought – where exactly do all the socks go after the laundry is done???


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4 responses to “Thoughts

  1. I read your last post and was on my way out so I was just about to answer it and now it’s gone! I hope you felt better after the rant, though. It doesn’t even matter if it was’s the fact that you got it out. Even if you then deleted it. I’m glad you seem to be feeling a bit better, though. Patience is truly a virtue that is difficult to always acquire. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Big hugs to you!!


  2. #1) I didn’t read your vent post… at least I don’t think I did (I’m kinda losing it I think) But (((HUGS))) life can be oh so challenging.

    #2) Things ALWAYS happen for a reason.

    #3) I’d like to know this too!!!!! I buy Ella socks all the time and I swear she doesn’t have 1 matching pair left. UGH!

  3. When I was young my Mum wrote an epic poem about the little elves that live behind the dryer and take one of each pair of socks. It makes me smile everytime I do laundry, to know I’m not the only one with elves stealing my socks so I have no pairs.

    As for the rest, I didn’t read the post but I know how you feel about getting things “out.” I’ve been private posting lately. The historian in me feels compelled to record my thoughts, even if I’m not ready to share them. I’ve found it very helpful. HUGS!

  4. Here is the skinny on the socks. Once upon a time we lived in an old farmhouse. The “back porch” [enclosed] was laundry room etc. It was the kind that still had the laundry tub next to the washer [Oh how I miss that!] It was set up so that the washer’s hose line went into the tub. Anyway, it was not unusual to find a sock in the tub.

    Yet, it was far more common to find socks out in the yard under the grape vines…guess where the tub water went?

    I was usually able to match up socks back then–even though they sometimes went on a long journey first. Today, with our modern plumbing…I’m sure that wherever the water goes is strewn with socks!

    I remember those rainy days in OR, when you go somewhere anyway–what “webfoot” is going to let a little rain hold them back? It works wonderfully well other places to enjoy parks, zoos, etc. without such a crowd. I especially remember touring the John Day Dam [by The Dalles?] and picnicing in the car. We had fun even if it did rain!

    Never worry about a rant–we’ve all been there, or will be, and it is sometimes just nice to know you are not alone. 🙂

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