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One of the cool things about my two month stay in Japan, wow I just realized that was 12 years ago – was my first real sushi. I was staying with my sister who was living there with her family at the time and they took me to visit a good friend who served me my very first sushi, and boy was it GOOD. The only thing I didn’t try was the salmon egg kind, couldn’t bring myself to do it. But the rest was quite delectable.

While I was visiting my sister taught me how to make sushi rolls – not the raw fish kind – it isn’t that different, but I haven’t been brave enough to make my own for some reason. She also taught me a number of other things, like Chicken Katsu, Chicken Yakitori, Miso, and whole bunch of other things involving noodles and the like. I bought a small cookbook to help me remember how some of the things were made – and maybe even try som new ones. I also bought some of my first Japanese dishes and have little by little added to them over the years.

The other night Paul was begging for Japanese food, so I sushi rolled away. It was rather fun, though I missed my mother dearly as I remembered hours we spent together rolling sushi for weddings. Maybe someday I will have that experience with some of my own daughters. Anyway, with the sushi rolled and cut, it made a very pretty platter and I couldn’t resist a quick photo. So, the whole family had to wait while crazy mom stood on a chair and took a couple photos looking down on the table…

Sushi rolls!

Table is set and ready to go

(Mom and Dad, if you read this: yes, those are our fish plates – I gave 2 to Paul for his b-day. I promise we aren’t raiding your dishes …….. yet 😉 heh )

Family Japanese Dinner


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