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A Neat Weekend Experience

On the kids odd birth years, rather than having a party with friends, we have a family party and a birthday trip. Yesterday was to be Elizabeth’s birthday trip and she had chosen to go to Tillamook Cheese Factory. 

I taught my morning lesson and then piled everyone into the car. It was a gorgeous sunny day, first one in weeks, and warm too. We were all excited to be going to the coast.  Earlier in the morning Emily had mentioned in passing that she didn’t feel very well.  But after she had been awake a while said she felt better and enjoyed her breakfast and appeared to be doing great.  We backed out of the driveway and headed off on our way.

I have learned from past experience that when you have a child who gets carsick that it is a good idea to have plastic bags strategically placed around the car – just in case.  Well, it was a good thing, because about 15 minutes out of town Emily threw-up.  We stopped the car and took care of everything and I pulled out the spare thermometer in my “Dr. Mom Box” and took her temp.  It was only 99 – but enough to make us unsure about going on.  I really wanted to go, and I didn’t want to dissapoint the children.  Emily was assuring us that she was better now and that we could keep going.  We decided two things: 1 – that we would keep going 2 – that we needed to pray about that decision as a family to be sure it was right.

So, we explained to the children what we had decided and that we needed to all pray to be sure it was right.  I very much wanted an affirmative answer, but as we prayed I couldn’t help thinking that we needed to turn around and go home.  After the prayer each of the girls expressed their impressions.  Each one started “I’m not really sure…. but I think it would be ok to go.”  Paul even stated, “I’m really not sure, but maybe we can keep going.”  As I listened to their indecision it became increasingly clear that this was the stupor of thought so often talked to us about in the scriptures. So I told them how I felt, that we needed to return home, explained the reason why, and Paul and I taught them about what it means to have a stupor of doubt.  Once we had all decided to return home a peace settled over all of us and each of the girls confirmed, “It is the right decision to return home.

When we got home 15 minutes later, Emily’s fever was up to 100 – and later that afternoon it hit 102. She took a long nap and layed on the couch almost the whole day.  We were all grateful that we had listened to the spirit and had followed the answer to our prayers to return home.

On the way home in the car Dorothy said an extra prayer that Emily wouldn’t throw up anymore.  We talked to her about God’s will and to remember that if Emily threw-up again that it wasn’t that Dot’s prayer wasn’t answered, but that Emily needed to get stuff out of her body so she could get better, but that she could have faith that what ever happened would be what was best for Emily.  Emily didn’t throw up again, Dorothy’s prayer was answered.

We are so grateful for this neat weekend we had of answered prayers and following those answers even when it was hard. The teaching oportunities we had with the children about prayer and how prayers work and are answered were just wonderful. We had a really fun day yesterday, even though we stayed home.


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