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The Missing DVD

Jacob’s favorite movie of all-time is the movie “Cars”. We watch it at least once a week, and anything McQueen or Mater he oogles over – I often have to literally fight him off stuff and haul him away arms out stretched howling for “Queen! Queen!” As a consequence, I avoid going down any such toy aisles when in a store. 🙂

This last week our “Cars” dvd disappeared. It was agonizing devestation as the boy in tears had to settle for “The Incredibles” – but he has a growing love for Dash, and it was a nice break from the beloved over watched “Cars”. The case was out, but the DVD was no where. It was quite apparant that Jacob had gotten a hold of it, and if that were the case it could very possibly be lost for ever or scratched beyond repair.

Sunday morning I opened the CD player to put on some children’s church songs. As the CD’s spun around, low and behold there sat “Cars” on top of Josh Grobin. The boy had managed to figure out how to open the stereo cabinet (not an easy feat with how we have secured it), managed to turn it on (not that hard, he seems to be drawn automatically to any power button within reach) and found the button that opened thd CD player (I’m sure he was disapointed when it didn’t play on the TV, hehe).

No wonder he was insisting it was in the DVD player all week.

I think I better read that list I posted again and prepare myself….


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