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To those who commented before I removed my last post: Thank you. Things are far from resolved – and I still have no clue, but things will work out – they always do. 🙂 There are many times I think as a mom we feel at our wits ends and that there can’t possibly be any solution in sight – but the key, as a dear friend reminded me, is patience. (Unfortunately patience is often found by having it tried, heh 🙂 ) I also remind myself to sing a little song that has become rather prevalent in our household as we help each other maintain a more positive attitude in general… “Always look on the bright side of life – dee do dee do dee do dee do dee do…” Anyway a good vent, a small burst of tears, and few prayers have great cleansing effect and give us a fresh start to tackle the troubles in life.

On an interesting note – back in March around Jacob’s 3rd birthday we took a trip to the zoo – in which we got rained on – A LOT – but it was fun anyway. We originally had not planned on going to the zoo. A trip to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) had been planned. We looked high and low for our pass before we left – EVERYWHERE. No matter where we looked or what we did we could not find our pass. We prayed and searched some more – still nothing. In the processes I grabbed our zoo passes which had just recently arrived in the mail. Then we had the odd feeling that for some reason – who knows why – we should not go to OMSI. It was raining and we held the zoo pass in our hands. We had promised the kids an outing, and it wasn’t going to be OMSI. So, off to the zoo we went.

Today my husband called. “How many times did you and I empty my wallet on that day when we went to the zoo rather than OMSI?”

“At least 4 times, if not more,” I replied. “Why?”

“I found our pass to OMSI – it was in the front pocket.”

Apparantly the pass had stuck to the dental insurance card.

Unfortunate? Maybe, we did get rather wet. I believe things often happen for reasons, and sometimes we never know what the reason may be, but I do know that once again, Paul and I felt that we weren’t supposed to go to OMSI that day.

But, we are very glad that the pass has come out of hiding. 🙂

One last thought – where exactly do all the socks go after the laundry is done???


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Apparantly things in my house are training for the summer olympics.

I first noticed this a couple weeks ago when I was doing the laundery. As I reached for the bleach the bottom of the container hit the top edge of the laundery soap box. Apparantly the laundery soap box has been training for the high dive. The arc was beautiful – for artistry I gave it a 8.9 but the landing was rather messy, so for technical merit I only gave it a 6.5. Two bad things can’t dive in feet first rather than head first – I suppose that would just be jumping though. (I am still cleaning up laundery soap)

The next event I witnessed was gymnastics, specifically the vault. The can of dry soup mix that I was using for dinner one night vaulted out of my hands, did three full turns in the air and came down with a thump. It didn’t stick its landing though, so only gained an 8.5 – it also spilled it’s guts every where which wasn’t very pretty.

Jacob participates regularly in track and field trying to out run me. He is quite accomplished in shotput and discus throwing – thank goodness we haven’t moved to the lance yet. But fencing is a dangerous one for him. Is there olympic potty training? We are still working on that one….

Out front we have regular training for cycling as three girls have races up and down the front sidewalk.

James is training for the long jump of spit up – he’s doing quite well, I’m sure he holds some kind of record.

As for me, well I’m training for the triathalon or decathalon thing – I think most moms would be rather fierce competitors with all the day to day training we get. 😉 Most of us end up being track stars, great catchers, cyclists, gymnasts, and swimmers of some sort. Especially the track – any mom with a toddler (especially with a toddler boy) has to be great at track!


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Like Father Like Daughter

Sometime in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s Paul’s mother recieved an unexpected from the school nurse. It seemed that everyday as he walked to school little Paul managed to get himself quite filthy. After numerous days of showing up to school dirty and unkempt the nurse decided to pay a visit to his home to see what things were like there. She of course found Paul’s mother rather surprised (and a very clean home to boot) and Paul’s mother found out that her little rascal was goofing off on the way to school. We still joke about the story.


I just walked in the door and was working on getting dinner ready. We are expecting the missionaries for dinner this evening so I was putting a roast in the crockpot when the phone rang. I washed my hands and answered the phone, motioning for Emily and Jacob to keep it down.


“Hello, this is — the school counselor. I was calling about Dorothy’s shoes.”

“Dorothy’s shoes?” I was very curious as to what was happening to Dorothy’s shoes.

“Yes, she said that she had to wear her little sister’s shoes today because she doesn’t have any-”

At this point I began laughing and she broke off, then continued. “Ahh, I see you are laughing. So she does have shoes that fit?”

Midst gales of laughter, “Oh yes.”

“She said they were all lost or too small.” The counselor was chuckling herself now.

“Actually she didn’t even tell me this morning that she couldn’t find her shoes, and I didn’t bother to look at her feet. She has an issue with putting her shoes away sometimes, they are probably in her bedroom, its rather messy.” (It made total sense to me, she would much rather cram her feet into tiny shoes than clean her room looking for ones that fit, heh) I was broken off by a piercing scream from Jacob. “Oh, sorry, that is my son, he screams when something is funny, I promise I am not torturing him.”

More laughter, “No, no, I can tell it was a happy scream. Well I just wanted to check because we do have money that we can use to help out if a family is in need of such things.”

“No worries, I appreciate you checking. And now I will check to be sure which shoes my daughter is wearing when she leaves.”

The counselor also mentioned that Dorothy was very proud of the fact that “my feet don’t hurt one bit!” and described that the shoes looked so tiny and when she felt them her toes were all bunched up at the end. I took a moment to run backt to the school with a pair of shoes for Dorothy – of course they are a very worn pair of shoes, so it may not raise the counselor’s hopes much. 😉


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Here I am Again

Oops! I had no intention of letting so much time slip away before writing again. In fact I had resolved to do better at blogging like I used to. Anyway, some things since I last wrote…

This little exchange took place the other day and simply cracked me up:

Paul to Emily as she brushed her hair: “You are beautiful.”
Emily to Paul: “I know, Dad.”
Paul to Emily: “And very humble too aren’t you?”
Emily: “No. I don’t know what that means.”


A few pictures from Easter time that I hadn’t posted. One of our traditions is to make our own easter baskets. Anything goes from crazy contraptions to the simple basket. Though we usually try to see how creatively crazy we can get. 🙂

Elizabeth created a moss covered log with flowers growing out of it.

Elizabeth and Easter Basket

Dorothy created a bunny rabbit. You could feed it by putting candy in the mouth. The candy would then fall down into the main part of the basket. It was quite fun.

Dorothy and Easter Basket

Emily had created a vase of flowers.

Emily and Easter Basket

Jacob had fun sticking stickers all over his basket.

Jacob and Easter Basket

James shared his basket with mama – which I didn’t get a photo of. However here is a photo of the smiley little tyke taken just this morning…



We have discovered “Scripture Scouts”. They are musical story adventures of the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Articles of Faith. They are soooo much fun. A friend told us about them and played part of one for us. The kids were so upset when we turned it off that I decided to look into them. We got the Book of Mormon set (3 CD for $15) on Friday and the kids have listened to nearly nothing else. Night and day they ask for Scripture Scouts. They sing along and are learning some neat things about the Book of Mormon. They also love dancing to them. We hope to eventually add the Old and New Testament to our collection. 🙂


We also watched conference this last weekend and enjoyed it so much. I loved President Monson’s talks as well as his councelors. I really enjoyed Elder Ballard’s talk to mothers. I really needed that and I can’t wait to read it again, along with the others.


Last of all I don’t know that I mentioned that my parents are going on a third mission and have their mission call already. They are returning to the mission where they are now – Tampa Florida Mission, which they are very excited about. They will serve for another 18+ months. We are so excited for them, and we are excited to see them this summer. As Florida is a bit far for us to travel to on our budget, the kids haven’t seen their grandparents in close to 2 years, so everyone is excited to see them in July and for them to get to meet James. We also found out that my brother in Vermont is going to be coming as far as Utah this summer, so we will be heading out there at the same time. It has been 9 years since I have been able to see him and his family in person and we are so excited. We will get to have a big family reunion, if everything works out right all of my brothers and sisters will be able to get down there at the same time – the first time that we will have been together in nearly 10 years! I am so excited! Yay! Yay! Yay!


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