Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

It seems that when shoes are outgrown or wear out it happens all at once.  Elizabeth came home the other day with her shoe completely falling apart. Immediate shoe crisis, as she needed shoes fast – they were her last pair of fitting shoes.  Emily had out grown hers as well, and there were no size 12 (toddlers) in the hand me down shoe bin.  Likewise, Jacob of the giant feet needed size 10, and unless we wanted him sporting dainty pink shoes, he was in desperate need as well.  But, not only did they need a pair of tennis shoes each, but a pair of Sunday shoes each.  Thankfully Dorothy didn’t need new shoes as her tennis shoes still fit and Liz’s old Sunday shoes were still in great condition.

But we are still talking 6 pairs of shoes needed all at once! That is enough to bankrupt anyone. 🙂 

Thank goodness for Payless BoGo sale – it saved our lives.  And to top it off, Emily’s Sunday shoes rang up free!!!  How cool is that?  So we tossed in a package of socks for the 1/2 off part.  6 pairs of shoes and a package of socks for $54 – now that to me is a HUGE blessing.



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3 responses to “Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

  1. Wow, that certainly is a huge blessing. Glad to hear you made out ok with your shoe shopping and got good deals on top of it :)!

  2. Don’t you just love Payless!!! Sorry that you had to buy 6 new pairs of shoes…I am so happy that you managed to not go totally broke this time around! Guess I should not complain too much when I have to buy for just Noah and Leah…Micah gets tons of hand me downs and his feet don’t seem to grow (we are still in the baby size 4’s!!!)

  3. Payless BOGO is a blessing!!!! That’s a lot of shoes!

    I tagged you for a meme over at my blog 🙂

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