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Puppy Dog

Jacob frequently likes to pretend to be a puppy dog.  Sometime ago we discovered that he loved to play fetch. We would toss something across the room and off he would go scampering after it, sometimes on fours, sometimes not, but he would always retrieve it with his teeth and bring it back, dropping it at our feet.

Lately he frequently turns into a puppy dog around the house, following me around on all fours, barking and speaking in his doggy voice.  It is this cute high pitch voice that begins and ends with a bark.

“Ruff. Time get Emily? Ruff”

“Yes, we need to run errands fist.”

“Ruff. I get in car? Ruff.”

“Yup, puppy dog, lets get in the car.” I buckle him in and hand him his favorite stuffed dog that is limp around the neck from being constantly held and hauled everywhere. “Now puppy dog,” I say, “You can be puppy dog at home and in the car, but in the parking lot and store you need to be Jacob.”

“Ruff. Ok. Ruff”

So, we get to the store, I park, and open the door.  I get Jacob unbuckled and help him out. “Hi there Jacob, how ya doing?”

In the brightest most normal Jacob boy voice he can muster he looks at me, grins and says, “Great Mom!”

The other night Paul caught this further development of Jacob puppy dog on camera:

Jacob Puppy Dog  2

Jacob Puppy Dog 3

Jacob Puppy Dog 1

I better not ever tell him to go sleep in the dog house (or kennel as it may be) – he would probably take me seriously!



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