14 Feet Trekking Through Portland

*I am going to attempt to keep this post at the top of the blog – so for any new posts I write, look just below this post. 🙂 *

AHA Heart Walk

Just go to that link to join, donate, or get more information.


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2 responses to “14 Feet Trekking Through Portland

  1. Loved your post about the boys. LOL Good luck with the walk!

  2. Allrie

    I’ve got the giggles *hearing* Jacob-puppy then Jacob. And the pictures! One of my children used to sit under a table next to the speaker and sing [howl] with the doggy music on The Fox and the Hound, among others.Another of mine had multiple puppy-dogs with which he was never without! [He still has them, and “they’d better not disappear when we move, or while I’m on my Mission, either.”]

    Enjoy Jacob-puppy. Enjoy, and keep taking those pictures. They grow up all too soon.

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