Dorothy is 8!

Dedicated to Dorothy, my own little starry comet:

Cast upon the midnight sky
They dance a fiery dance of fury
And tease us with their sparkling
Giggles to join them in their revelry.
Among the millions, is one unique.
Brilliant and courageous, it blazes
A flaming trail across the sky,
A comet soaring into eternity
Leaving its witnesses forever changed.

Dorothy 200

Dorothy 2001

Dorothy 2002

Dorothy 2003

Dorothy 2004

Dorothy 2005

Dorothy 2006

Dorothy 2007

It is amazing, though attitudes change, and those tight little curls on her head straightened, there are two things that has always remain the same: That gorgeous captivating smile, and those beautiful big brown eyes. oh, and that undeniable spunk and cleverness – you can see sparkle behind her eyes, even as a sweet little babe.


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8 responses to “Dorothy is 8!

  1. Cute pictures! I hope that she has a happy birthday.

  2. Already 8. Boy does time fly. Before you know it she will be having your grandkids. (Feel old yet?) 😉

    Thanks a lot, Mo 😛

  3. Happy birthday! You are right, you can definitely see the sparkle, even as a babe. 🙂

  4. Happy birthday to Dorothy! Julia, you really do have such a cute bunch of kids! What a proud momma you must be! And I can’t believe how big James is getting already! Time sure flies, doesn’t it!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Dorothy!!! You know, Jayden had a head of ringlets – kinda like Chucky from Rugrats, but of course dark brown. I cut his curls off when he was almost 2, because it was a hot summer and they never came back :*( His hair is straight as a board now. Makes me so sad.

    Thank you so much for your comment. I can’t wait to read Chapter 10 tomorrow. I wanted to keep going tonight, but I’m so exhausted that I know I wouldn’t grasp it the way I’m supposed to. So, I’ve made a goal – tomorrow after I drop off Jayden I usually come home and jump online to read blogs – instead, I will be moving on to Chapter 10!! This is getting exciting.

  6. Happy Birthday Dorothy!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Dorothy! She is so cute! I love the picture in a picture frame 🙂

  8. Pamala

    Happy Birthday Dorothy! I hope you have a fun birthday!

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