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The Party

We had a mini party for Dot’s 8th birthday on Tuesday, and today we had the big shindig. 

Every time I look at this photo I bust up laughing at the look on her face – it was taken on Tuesday.


Today we did a sort of carnival theme with lots of crazy and fun games. We started off with a dress up relay. We had two teams and they took turns running to the duffle bag putting on all their clothes and clown faces, and posing for a picture.

The Birthday Girl…. er clown
Dress up Relay 2

One of the fabulous friends

Dress-up Relay

Every cool carnival needs a parade. So we had them put on their faces, grab an instrument and march up and down the sidewalk in front of the house.


Then a balloon sit, bubbles, and musical chairs were in order.


Musical Chairs

We wrapped things up with a carnival cake – it’s not quite the “coolest cake in the world” – Sariah has that title, but is was pretty cool. 🙂

Carnival Cake

Blow Dot, Blow!

A mouth full of birthday cake 🙂

Big Bite


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