The Party

We had a mini party for Dot’s 8th birthday on Tuesday, and today we had the big shindig. 

Every time I look at this photo I bust up laughing at the look on her face – it was taken on Tuesday.


Today we did a sort of carnival theme with lots of crazy and fun games. We started off with a dress up relay. We had two teams and they took turns running to the duffle bag putting on all their clothes and clown faces, and posing for a picture.

The Birthday Girl…. er clown
Dress up Relay 2

One of the fabulous friends

Dress-up Relay

Every cool carnival needs a parade. So we had them put on their faces, grab an instrument and march up and down the sidewalk in front of the house.


Then a balloon sit, bubbles, and musical chairs were in order.


Musical Chairs

We wrapped things up with a carnival cake – it’s not quite the “coolest cake in the world” – Sariah has that title, but is was pretty cool. 🙂

Carnival Cake

Blow Dot, Blow!

A mouth full of birthday cake 🙂

Big Bite


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4 responses to “The Party

  1. Your cake is awesome!! So cute! A lady in my ward made a carausal cake with animal crackers on the side and straws cut in half on the side. And she put it on a lazy susan thing, so it would spin around. It was adorable!

    Looks like an awesome party, and Yeah, that first picture is the best. Cracked me up!!

  2. Cara

    that looks like a really fun party! dot is so cute!!

  3. That girl had an awesome birthday party!!!

  4. Lupin

    looks like a very fun party!I love the cake

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