The Friday before Mother’s Day was an amazing night.  A week before Paul recieved a company email from his company owners that they had opera tickets they would not be able to use and they would give them away to who ever contacted them first.  Paul fired back a swift reply and that was why that amazing Friday night found us walking into the Keller in downtown Portland for Aida! 

The tickets were amazing tickets, as the owners of Paul’s company are huge contributers. It was opening night and we were only about 19 rows or so from the front with a clear view of everything – there were even compimentory chocolates on the seats we were to take.  Free chocolate, especially good ones, are always a major bonus. 🙂

The opera was absolutely amazing, they did a fine job with it.  Usually I am a lover of the deep male voices as they belt out their songs, but this night had me entranced with the lead Soprano playing Aida.  Her voice was amazing. It wasn’t heavy with vibrato and shrieky, it was sweet and clear, a pristine voice that I could have listened to for days on end.  Her highest notes were exquisite and she was so expressive in her facial expressions and acting, she really made you believe that she was Aida torn between the love of her father and country and the man she loved and his country.

I her voice singing in my head all the way home. 

One of the other really neat things was that I had helped our babysitter’s mom with some things and in return she insisted on covering the babysitting bill for the night, so the night was totally free!! 


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8 responses to “Aida!

  1. April Brewster

    It sounds fantastic! What fun! I’m jealous. That the whole evening was totally free makes it even better!

  2. Isn’t it amazing what just one really good performer can do for you?!?! (Of course, the opposite is also true, but we don’t need to think about that right now.) Who was the soprano?

    It sounds like such a fun night. “Aida” is definitely one of the operas on the top of my “must see” list. And YAY for free babysitting!! That’s always a good thing!!

    Her name is Lisa Daltirus. She really was amazing – and Aida is fantastic, it was a must see for me too, so I was so excited when the oportunity presented. 🙂

  3. How awesome Julia! I am glad you two had a night out on your own!!!

  4. Kim

    Wow… opera and FREE babysitting?! That’s the best ever!!

  5. I would love to go to an opera, but my husband is not the opera type. It sounds like you had a fun evening.

  6. Philosophical Karen

    Wow, sounds like you had a great night out. And free? What a bonus!!

  7. Allrie

    I, too, love Aida. What a great experience. Note to the non-opera type: So try a comic opera in English–Falstaff is my recommendation. He might be surprised! And even in English, study the story before you go. Try a book like “The Opera Reader”[by Louis Biancolli] or something similar so you know what the story is before you go. Or ease into opera through Gilbert & Sulivan or Porgy & Bess. [Do you watch his favorite sport withim? Then turn about is fair play!]

  8. Allrie

    Sorry about not proofreading. Going to bed now–feel like I’ve caught up on your life, J. [I love just sing initials…but I got too many objections–like my own kids didn’t know I was referring their siblings? None of them share an initial…] And I still need some educational sightseeing info from you for the Portland area. [the kids I tuor are visiting their sister in Hillsboro for three weeks.] Is the Shaker Museum still in existance near by?

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