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A Sweet Boy

I have such a sweet little boy, and on Monday last week I found out just how sweet Jacob really is.  I was nursing James and Jacob climbed up to the counter. I wasn’t worried when I saw him eating there out of the corner of my eye, after all he hadn’t quite finished his ceral from breakfast.  Once I finished feeding the baby and saw Jacob was STILL at the counter I got a bit concerned – “Exactly what is that boy up to?” I thought to myself as I walked over to where he was perched on a bar stool at the counter.

My foot landed in a mess of grainy sticky stuff before I saw what he was doing.  That spurred me to his side at top speed, and this is what I saw:

Jacob, spoon in hand over a giant tupperware of sugar and cornflakes. He had sugar all through his hair, all over his face, all over his clothes, all over the counter, and all over the floor.  With the sugariest grin I have ever seen he pointed to the sugar conatiner and proudly proclaimed, “I did it mommy!” 

He had indeed done it.  He had gotten my sugar container out of the cupboard, confiscated the cornflakes and dumped all of the cornflakes into the sugar container.  Mixed it up with his spoon and was sitting there happily chowing down.  He was the happiest, stickiest boy I had ever seen.

I was the unhappiest, stickiest Mom – though I did find it quite humerous, trying to clean up the mess was NOT humerous – I swear that floor is STILL sticky.  I went to clean him up and ended up just dumping him in the bathtub – he even had sugar in his pull-up and coating his skin under his shirt – it was almost as him he had played in a vast of white sticky sweetness.  What a sweet silly boy 🙂


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