Random Friday Post

Memorial Day (Monday) found us gathered with a few of my old friends from highschool days.  We didn’t all go to the same highschool, we knew each other through church and youth activities.  Three of my best friends back in the day were able to bring their families over and we had a fun BBQ.  It is rather nice to keep in touch with friends from so long ago.  We all live in the greater Portland area, so hopefully we can do this again some time.


Tuesday morning we got word that Paul’s grandfather passed away, which spun us into some hectic planning sessions.  We decided that for such a short speedy trip to Boise it would be hard on the baby and Dorothy would have to miss her school field trip to the Zoo that I would stay with James, Jacob, Lizard, and Dot and Paul would go with Emily.  She has never had the oportunity to have a special outing like this before.  All the family is gathering and I am excited that Paul will be able to attend.  I wish I could attend as well, but I feel this is the right decision.


James officially hit 5 months old on Tuesday – he is growing up way to fast!


I held a piano recital last night for my students – all three of them.  Things have been so chaotic so far this year that I didn’t have my kids ready and tears were shed.  Hopefully I can get my act together for the next one in the fall.  The recital went really well – with only three students I have them all learn 2 songs a piece.  They are all in highschool and two of the three are in sports which can take a lot away from practice time.  They all did so well – I was really pleased.  It was rather nice to have a recital where all three students were at least intermediate (to some degree) – it was a nice change from twinkle little star and chopsticks. 🙂

With only three students I have the recital here in my home. I even managed to get the house ready in time – with help of course. Paul even made a make shift cover for the piano bench as the origianal cover was getting to be an eyesore.


My brother-in-law was also in town and stopped by last night just before the recital.  It was a lot of fun for us all to see him – though we wished we had had more visit time, as the majority of it was taken up with recital.  We love you Uncle David! He even got to meet baby James before my sister – I think he was enjoying having bragging rights. 🙂


Also last night was the school’s writing celebration, which I didn’t find out about until two days before.  Of course there was the conflict of the recital – Paul is my behind the scenes man – I don’t think I would ever have a recital run smoothely without him.  Luckily for us the writing celebration started at 6:30 so Paul was able to take the girls over and see their writing and meet the guest author.  They even made it back  five minutes before the recital began.  Lizard’s story was even chosen to be critiqued by the district – it will be interesting to see what they say. Her teacher has always mentioned what a talented writer she is.


Along with Paul’s sudden trip to Boise comes sudden fixes on the car he will be driving – new tires, new breaks, allignment, tune up, and injection flush.  Wowee! Thank goodness we had some tucked away in savings – though if something else like this hits soon we could be in trouble. 🙂


Too top off Monday’s BBQ I ran into one of my best friends from highschool whose parents now live next door to us.  She was visiting before taking off to Maryland – she has an internship at John Hopkins.  Running into old friends can be really fun.


Paul also started biking this week.  He is hoping to gradually work up to biking to work – mainly to save money on gas because of the crazy prices.  He even got biking shorts…mmmmm…..


Well I think that pretty much covers it.  I need to go help get things ready – Paul leaves after Emily gets home from kindergarten.


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7 responses to “Random Friday Post

  1. mcinsane

    Wow! You sound busy! Busy, but happy…and that is good! It’s great to kindof catchup with you! Good luck with everything you’ve got going! School will be done soon! 🙂

  2. So who did you get together with on Monday? Spill some names, girl!

    Ryan H, Heather B, and Carrie Z (initials of maiden names for the two gals there) were all over here on Monday. April W will be up maybe in July, so we are hoping for another get together then.

  3. So sorry to hear about Paul’s grandfather. I actually just got back from NJ because my grandmother died. I think I’m about caught up on the busy week you’ve had! I absoulutely can’t believe how big James is now! Too cute! Are you planning to have more kids? You could always be like the Duggar family mom who is pregnant with #18!!! 😉

    Hope Emily has a very special trip with her daddy. I’m sure she’ll always remember it!

    Not sure if we will have more or not – we are feeling 5 is good, we’ll see in a few years. We definitely won’t hit 18! – yikes that is just crazy. 🙂

  4. Wow, you guys are one busy family!

    I just realized that James is one day older than Aiden. I hope that James isn’t pushing 20 lbs like Aiden!!! That’s the last thing you need. 😉

  5. Um, can we say BUSY! I’m sorry to hear about the passing 😦 You sure had one busy week, girl! Mine wasn’t so busy ~ in fact it was a pretty low key one. I tagged you over at my blog ~ it a picture taking tag.

  6. Deb

    I’m so sorry to hear about Paul’s grandmother. I’ll be keeping ya’ll in my prayers. Your sweet little one is already 5 months? Wow!

  7. Wow, 5 months already? Time sure flies by! Sorry to hear about Paul’s grandmother. I’m glad Paul will be able to go out and see his family.

    (and 18 kids?!?! HOLY COW!!! Nathan always jokes that we’re going to have The Dawson Dozen…but at this pace I’d probably be about 72 years old by the time we adopted the last one 😉 )

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