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Dorothy is 8!

Dedicated to Dorothy, my own little starry comet:

Cast upon the midnight sky
They dance a fiery dance of fury
And tease us with their sparkling
Giggles to join them in their revelry.
Among the millions, is one unique.
Brilliant and courageous, it blazes
A flaming trail across the sky,
A comet soaring into eternity
Leaving its witnesses forever changed.

Dorothy 200

Dorothy 2001

Dorothy 2002

Dorothy 2003

Dorothy 2004

Dorothy 2005

Dorothy 2006

Dorothy 2007

It is amazing, though attitudes change, and those tight little curls on her head straightened, there are two things that has always remain the same: That gorgeous captivating smile, and those beautiful big brown eyes. oh, and that undeniable spunk and cleverness – you can see sparkle behind her eyes, even as a sweet little babe.


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Liz’s Beach Trip – Finally

We all cheered as we made it past the point we had to turn around last week. We were in for a fabulously fun day. Elizabeth got to rule the day and the first stop on the list was Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

It was neat because usually not much is happening at the factory on a Saturday, but this time it was really busy, and the kids were fascinated watching all that was going on. Elizabeth was especially interested. And of course once we were done in the viewing area there were delicious cheese sample for everyone to be had. And a package of Squeaky Cheese (cheese curds – we call them squeaky cheese because they squeak against your teeth as you eat them) for everyone to share.

Liz at Tillamook Cheese Factory

Of course you can’t pass up the Tillamook icecream either. A round of junior cones for a dollar and a quarter were definitely a highlight of the day.


James even enjoyed himself

Happy Baby

After the cheese factory every one was STARVING – or so they told us, so we drove out to Cape Mears and stopped at our favorite lighthouse/octopus tree spot for a very windy and chilly picnic. Alvin decided to picnic with us, which had everyone very excited. At one point Jacob couldn’t contain it any longer and yelled, “I love you chipmunk!” hee hee




Then Dad and the kids walked up to the Octopus tree while I fed baby. Paul had the kids running races around the tree to get out energy when Jacob saw a couple taking a picture at the front of the tree. He quickly ran up and stood by the girl, posing for the camera. The man laughed, “Say cheese then!” Which he did, and promptly ran off again after the photo was done.

Octopus tree 2

Octopus Tree

We opted out of seeing the lighthouse this time as everyone was excited to get to the beach. A short drive later and we were running down to a very windy playtime on the beach. Which was great for flying a kite – though it was hard to keep it up in the air as the currents were rather wild up there.
We also tried soccer, but the wind kept catching the ball and it would roll, and roll, and roll, and roll, and roll…. We gave up after chasing it for ages a few different times.

Go Fly a Kite

Emmy Beach

Dorothy Digging

Windy Elizabeth

After the beach our tired clan headed home for hot baths and warm beds. It might have been windy and rather cold, but at least it didn’t rain! 🙂


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10 Reasons I Blog

I was tagged by Amanda, so, here goes.

1. I like to write.

2. I first wrote to get down all the crazy and fun stories – and others too, of my life. Some of my best posts are way back in my archives, as I am running out of childhood stories and the like.

3. It is a great way to keep in touch with, and even make new, friends.

4. It is kind of like a journal for me – it helps me remember all the funny things the kids do, and motivates me to get stories from long ago written down.

5. It is a great way to raise awareness of heart defects.

6. It is also a great way to connect with and support other heart families – I have met some amazing people this way.

7. I love reading all of my friends stories and I learn so much from them.

8. I am a bit of a klutz, ahem, and I figure it is all worth it if I can make some one laugh – so I tell all my silly stories in order to hopefully brighten someone’s day.

9. I like to take pictures and it has encouraged me (because I have blog friends who take INCREDIBLE photos) to take betters photographs and maybe someday take a class.

10. Writing is cathartic. I think things through better when I write about them.


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Puppy Dog

Jacob frequently likes to pretend to be a puppy dog.  Sometime ago we discovered that he loved to play fetch. We would toss something across the room and off he would go scampering after it, sometimes on fours, sometimes not, but he would always retrieve it with his teeth and bring it back, dropping it at our feet.

Lately he frequently turns into a puppy dog around the house, following me around on all fours, barking and speaking in his doggy voice.  It is this cute high pitch voice that begins and ends with a bark.

“Ruff. Time get Emily? Ruff”

“Yes, we need to run errands fist.”

“Ruff. I get in car? Ruff.”

“Yup, puppy dog, lets get in the car.” I buckle him in and hand him his favorite stuffed dog that is limp around the neck from being constantly held and hauled everywhere. “Now puppy dog,” I say, “You can be puppy dog at home and in the car, but in the parking lot and store you need to be Jacob.”

“Ruff. Ok. Ruff”

So, we get to the store, I park, and open the door.  I get Jacob unbuckled and help him out. “Hi there Jacob, how ya doing?”

In the brightest most normal Jacob boy voice he can muster he looks at me, grins and says, “Great Mom!”

The other night Paul caught this further development of Jacob puppy dog on camera:

Jacob Puppy Dog  2

Jacob Puppy Dog 3

Jacob Puppy Dog 1

I better not ever tell him to go sleep in the dog house (or kennel as it may be) – he would probably take me seriously!



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Shoes, Glorious Shoes!

It seems that when shoes are outgrown or wear out it happens all at once.  Elizabeth came home the other day with her shoe completely falling apart. Immediate shoe crisis, as she needed shoes fast – they were her last pair of fitting shoes.  Emily had out grown hers as well, and there were no size 12 (toddlers) in the hand me down shoe bin.  Likewise, Jacob of the giant feet needed size 10, and unless we wanted him sporting dainty pink shoes, he was in desperate need as well.  But, not only did they need a pair of tennis shoes each, but a pair of Sunday shoes each.  Thankfully Dorothy didn’t need new shoes as her tennis shoes still fit and Liz’s old Sunday shoes were still in great condition.

But we are still talking 6 pairs of shoes needed all at once! That is enough to bankrupt anyone. 🙂 

Thank goodness for Payless BoGo sale – it saved our lives.  And to top it off, Emily’s Sunday shoes rang up free!!!  How cool is that?  So we tossed in a package of socks for the 1/2 off part.  6 pairs of shoes and a package of socks for $54 – now that to me is a HUGE blessing.


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One Day

One day without spit-up that is all I ask for – I would even settle for being spit up on once in one day!  I have never had a child spit up as much as James.  He is a spit-up factory.  Even Jacob when we were getting over his gag reflux after intubation and everything wasn’t this bad.

After every nursing James will spit-up at least once, though usually multiple times – and not dainty little ammounts either.  And then there are the times when he looses everything he just ate all over me, which results in another shower, and my laundry pile just keeps going.

I’d be worried, but he is gaining weight like a champion and growing like a weed, so he must be getting something.  Hopefully the spitting up will subside, and until then my wardrobe survives the ordeal. 🙂

I’m convinced though that spit-up is Mom’s coolest perfume…..uh, maybe not. 🙂

By the way, happy May Day!


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