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The 10 Year Date

Paul and I try our hardest to go on a date every weekend – inevitably we miss a week-end here and there, but we pretty well. For us this is a necessity – its non-negotiable. Sometimes when things are especially tight and we can barely afford to pay the sitter we simply go for a walk, or play in a nearby park. We find we need the “sanity” break to keep from being overwhelmed by our children – and they need the break to keep from being overwhelmed by us 🙂 . It keeps the spark alive in our marriage as we spend time together, just the two of us, and gives us a chance to visit about whatever it is we are in the mood to visit.

This weeks date was especially special as we actually were able to go out on our anniversary. We wanted to do something a bit more out of the ordinary. So we did something we have always wanted to do, but never have. We went to the Comedy Sportz in Portland. I had been to something like it when I was in Orlando my senior year in highschool for a band competition. I had remembered laughing my guts out. The great thing about the Comedy Sportz Club is that it clean and family friendly. They stress that is is to be enjoyable for everyone, and bad or inappropriate language will earn any of the comedians or audience members the ‘brown bag foul’. Basically you have to sit with a brown bag on your head until the end of that particular game.

So Paul and I made reservations and found ourselves laughing till our sides hurt at 6 hilarious people as they played numerous comedy games. There is a ton of audience participation and jokes flying left and right, even from the audience.

We had a bottle of cider in the car to toast our ten years, had a bite to eat after the show and headed back home after a pleasant break. We returned to four slumbering children and one adorable smiley baby.

I love our times together, and I miss our dates dreadfully when we aren’t able to go. I can go out on my own or with a friend, but I miss that time with my husband as we laugh over old memories, forge new memories, and discuss everything from kids to work, funny jokes to the latest things we’ve heard on the news, or as we rib each other over card games we play while waiting for our food in a restaurant.

So, every week will typically find me out on a hot date – with the greatest man on earth. 🙂


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