No Husband, Late Nights, and an Imagination to Boot

I tend to have an overactive imagination. Usually it doesn’t kick in until the kids are in bed, the husband is gone and all is quiet – but not quiet.  My spidey senses kick in and every creak and groan of the house is magnified. I manage to combat the spooky creeks with movies to a rather late hour – between 11:00 and midnight.  Usually by them I am gauranteed to fall asleep rappidly so my imagination doesn’t get carried away as I lay in a big bed all by myself in a dark room.

So a week or so ago, Friday evening came along and I was watching an old musical when I heard a loud thumping at about 10:30 that even the movie couldn’t mask.  I immediately recognized it for what it was – Jacob was still goofing off in his room.  I went back to check on him and caught him pearing out the window.

“I someone out my window.”

Immediately my mommy radar kicked in. Did he say out or at?  And vivid images of a face smashed up against the window peering into his room plagued my brain.  I looked out the window nothing was in sight. Logic told me her heard a car driving by, and peaked by curiosity looked out to see some people passing by on the sidewalk a ways out from our house.  Logic told me that he had probably just seen his reflection. Logic told me a lot of things – but my imagination rarely listens to my logic.

I asked him if he wanted to say a prayer and he nodded his head yes. So we knelt and prayed for protection while daddy was gone. After that he hopped in bed and snuggled down for a nice pleasant sleep.

I check on the the girls, made sure the house was locked up tight and returned to my movie.  Between it and my computer I managed to keep any vivid imagings at bay until I was falling asleep in my chair and it was nearing 1:00 in the morning.  I checked the doors and the kids once more and headed to bed.

My brain just wouldn’t turn off. I even tried reading some Nancy Drew books to get me to think of something else. I chose Nancy Drew as I knew they wouldn’t capture my attention so much that I would want to read for hours on end. Finally between 2:30 to 3:00 I bit the dust – thankfully my prayers were answered and I managed to avoid any nightmares that would have had me gasping for breath and charging into my children’s rooms to check on them.

Morning dawned and all was well. We spent a fun Saturday, and then the evening came and the nighttime nerves with husband gone began. It wasn’t as bad  – no little boys claiming to see people out the windows, but I still had to ban my imagination from taunting me, and while sleep came earlier, it still didn’t hit until about 1:30.  Those two nights didn’t make Sunday a very good day. In fact it was a disaster. Lets just say I really appreciate my husband and all he does.  I was so thrilled to have him home that night and finally get a decent night’s rest.

An imagination is great when you feel like writing stories – but late at night when you are home alone with your kids – it’s not such a good thing.  *shudder*


***  Totally off topic: I have started a new page called “Here’s What’s Cooking” – I am posting some of our family favorite recipes complete with photo as I make them. Feel free to use and enjou.



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8 responses to “No Husband, Late Nights, and an Imagination to Boot

  1. I would think that Nancy drew would make matters worse with all the mystery! It would for me…
    When hubby is away, I am more thankful than ever for my dogs. Even my silly little one that barks at everything. I would rather have him bark at the bad guys and scare them away.

    Being away from my family for a few weeks has taught me that the fear of being alone isn’t just when I am “at home” and in charge of my little ones. I have a hard time falling asleep here too.

    These are Nancy Drew books that I have read A LOT – I loved Nancy Drew as a kid – so they really don’t hold much mystery as I already know everything that is going to happen – they keep my brain occupied with something else that I fall asleep easier. 🙂 And I love having a dog too – though when she barks at nothing it puts me even more on edge…

  2. I am the SAME WAY! I have a horribly active imagination and read into every little noise when my hubby is gone. I hate it! I’ve found that just getting myself to fall asleep quickly and early is the best thing.

  3. Oh my! That brought back soooooo many memories!! Gino used to work graveyard and I would always panic at the thought of someone outside of my house.

    As for your questions on Miss Ella ~ I rarely update on her heart condition, because things have been going so great. Her next appointment w/her cardiologist is in August and lucky for us they’ll be coming down here and we don’t have to travel up to Portland (although, it would have been nice to have seen you!)

    The plan is that once she is big enough – they’re looking at around 20 kilos that she will have the ablation done. Your friend will be in my prayers ~ most people don’t find out that they have WPW until they’re an adult.

  4. I’m such a fraidy cat!! I hate it when Ches is gone overnight. I let the kids all sleep with me in my room and I stay up watching movies until I can’t stay awake anymore.

    When I was single, even though I was living with my aunt and uncle, it was such a quiet house (they went to bed a lot earlier than I, and I was used to my immediate extremely loud family as well as living with a bunch of girls… that makes for lots of noise at any time of day or night!!) and I would freak out very easily. I was up late in my room watching TV one night, and stupid that I am, I was watching some show about UFOs and close encounters. They showed this home movie from this family as they were just all goofing off at home. They lived out in the middle of nowhere, so when someone was coming to the house, they could hear the car coming and stuff. People never just walked by the house or anything. Anyway, they are showing this home movie, and in the window behind one of the family members, you see this like shadow or something… definitely a head… but it’s dark… and it kind of came up like it was peering in the window, then it slowly descended again.

    Scared. The. Living. &@*#)! out of me!! I didn’t sleep at all that night, and I made sure my blinds were securely shut and I tried with all my might not to look at the window (which was hard because it was a big window on the one side of my bedroom, and the other side was mirrored closet doors, so I could still see the window).

    Okay, enough of my scary stories. just wanted to share mine with yours. Sorry about that. I write too much in comment boxes. 😛

  5. I’m just like that… EXACTLY like that!

    I’m glad he’s back and all is well. 🙂

  6. Philosophical Karen

    I spend most of my day alone, and I’ve watched an awful lot of those “real crime” shows, so it’s not a good combination. We have a house with three floors. Sometimes I’m certain I can hear someone sneaking around upstairs or downstairs, whichever floor I’m not on. And if I find something out of place, my imagination goes wild, although I’ve learned to rein it in. I still hate it when my husband travels and has to be away overnight, though.

  7. Yep, me too! When Scott is gone I stay up way too late. I’m fine until it’s time to turn off all the lights and get into bed. Then I feel a little panicky. When it’s really bad I just lay there and pray in my head until I fall asleep. Usually it’s not too bad and the feeling passes. One time I made the mistake of watching a really scary movie on TV. I had to call a friend in the middle of the night to calm me down. Luckily she’s a night owl and was still up. I would have been freaked out by the someone at the window comment too!

  8. mcinsane

    I had a night like that last night! I hate them! When your husband works at night, you would think you would get used to it, but…I don’t! I’m glad everything came out ok!

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