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He’s not a relative type of uncle, he is Paul’s best friend since highschool and has been officially and affectionately dubbed: GuMike – the Greatest Uncle Mike.  The kids absolutely adore him.  GuMike is an airline pilot and happened to be flying into Portland last week – much to the delight of all of us.  Paul was able to get the day off and hang out with his best bud most of the day – from what I hear they went to OMSI and had more fun than most of the kids there! 🙂  Of course they are just a couple of kids themselves which is what makes it so much fun – and which allows them to have so much fun with kids. 

GuMike and Paul wrestling with Kids

They got back to the house around the time Elizabeth and Dorothy were getting out of school and the house was full of giggles and squeals as everyone wrestled with and attacked GuMike. 

GuMike reading with Dorothy

They had him very skillfully wrapped around their little fingers and I think he loved it just as much as they did.  And, in case Mike is reading this, the kids have requested that I send this very special message:


 GuMike with fam reading

(Jacob somehow kept disappearing everytime I went to take a photo – he was just as much enthralled with GuMike as the girls were.)


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