Waking Up Hubby

People have always enjoyed waking me up in the most interesting ways; In college, Paul’s favorite method of waking me while I slept in the “fishbowl” of the music building was to drip water on me from the balcony above. Well, Sunday it was my turn for revenge.

We started out the afternoon after church and lunch by having the kids do a quiet time, the two older ones being asked to read quietly, and the younger ones sent to play in their rooms for a bit. Paul and I relaxed in the family room, each with out computer – he on the couch, and me in the recliner. It wasn’t long before the peaceful sawing of his snores filled the room. I continued to fool around on facebook and other places while he slept, until I decided it was time to make dinner. I closed my laptop and went to set it on the little table between the chair and the couch.

There was a large blue cup on that table. A large blue cup on the edge of that table. The edge towards the couch. Did I say that it was perched precariously on the edge of that table? I set the computer down and barely touched the cup. That slight little nudge sent that large blue cup right over the edge. I thought it was empty.

But the way my husband jumped and the subsequent splash informed me that it was not. The mes it made informed me that it was still quite full. He dumped his computer none to reverently on the floor and yanked out the cord – thankfully none got on the computer. As he stood his arm was litterally dripping – plip, plip, plip, as he stood there with semi groggy and confused look.

“Sorry.?.” I offered with a sheepish grin. “I just thought it was, uh, time for you to wake up. Ya, that’s it. You know usually you have such a hard time waking, I thought I’d do the job throroughly this time.”

By the time I finished my longwinded explanation we were both chortling hartily.

Did I mention that the cup was full of juice?

Yeah, it was.


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7 responses to “Waking Up Hubby

  1. mcinsane

    Hee hee, that would have been fun to see from a bug-on-the-wall kind of perspective. I’m glad the computer was ok, however!

  2. Sandi

    OOOOOH! That’s good. Unfortunately my guy doesn’t have the kind of sense of humour that would appreciate such a … bold move.

  3. Philosophical Karen

    Revenge is a dish (or should I say cup) best served cold. 😉

  4. Deb

    Sending you a cyber high five. LOL Way to go! You rock!

  5. Oooh, so glad it missed the computer! It would have been pretty hard to laugh at that!

  6. I would love to pull more pranks on my SH. We used to love dousing each other over the shower curtain with a glass of cold water, but once it starts, the war never ends! I find that I get him pretty good on April Fools Day though because there aren’t fears of reprocussions hehe…

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