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A Boy and his Berries

So we went back.  They were that good.  We decided we wanted a few more to freeze, and took some requests from some friends. We told them if they paid for the berries we’d be more than happy to pick them.  One of my really good friends sent her teenage boy along to help – which was wonderful because I took Jacob and the baby this time.  He (Jacob, not the teenager, heh) spent most of the time we were there running around being silly. But he did pick a few berries with me.

 Jacob picking 2

Jacob Picking 3

Jacob Picking 1

Towards the end of our picking mania he had his own bucket. He would race to the edge of the field pick a berry or two and then run back by the car and eat it, then he would race back. It was really fun to watch him run back and forth – the red berry smudges on his face gave him away. We also caught him red handed at it since the berry juice stained his hands.

So, we ended up picking another 4 gallons of berries – two for friends and two for our freezer. I washed and destemmed them yesterday, then I spread them out on cookies sheets and stuck them in the freezer. Once they were mostly frozen I took them out, whack the cookie sheet a few times on the counter to loosen the berries and then double bagged them – now they won’t all clump together in the bag – when we need some we can just grab a handful or two.

I am officially finished with strawberry picking….but soon there will be raspberries, boysenberreis, marionberries, blueberries, cherries, peaches….. ok – maybe not all of those, but if the price is right you might end up with pictures of us picking at least one or two other things. 🙂


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